when at first you don’t suceed, try, try again

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Today we had the boys do a treasure hunt that we had set up last night.  The point was to practice using a compass (which backfired since Henry already knew all the direction points of the house, so he didn’t even use it…).  Anyway… the boys had a blast.  They wanted to do one outside which we hadn’t done because we heard rain was in the forecast.  Well, no rain, so I sent them outside to set up a treasure hunt for me.  I gave instructions of writing which direction and how many steps to take in each direction to find the “treasure.”  I was greeted, with, “that is the way you did it, but we are going to do it our way.”

Um, okay.

So we played a game of follow the boys and they would tell me if I was hot or cold, or which tree branch to look behind.  I was a bit frustrated because they were not understanding the point of the treasure hunt, but they were really into it so I had to let it go.  Then, things went sour.  Bennett mistakenly told me what the next treasure was.  That was the end of the treasure hunt.  There was stomping, un-burying of  other treasure, arms crossing and running back inside.  Poor Bennett, he really had no idea what happened  But just like that the fun was over.   O-V-E-R!

After some calming words and time I was able to convince the boys that perhaps a team treasure hunt- Mama and Bennett vs. Dada and Henry could take place this weekend.  That was welcomed with much enthusiasm- arms were uncrossed and furrowed brows turned to grins.  So… this weekend will be the treasure hunt championship at Porcupine Knoll.  We are all very excited.

catching up… again

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Days are flying by here and I am not quite sure why.  We have our schedule of co-op classes, swim lessons, piano lessons- and up until recently soccer.  We also fit school work and the occasional field trip into the mix and all of a sudden it is time to get dinner ready and the boys are ready for bed.  We have a more set schedule this year than last with regard to school time, but even then the hours flies by and Dada is walking through the door (or more often then not, he gets home to finish up dinner and we walk in after him).

I have been very much enjoying this school year.  It isn’t as scary, things are going more smoothly, which means we are having more fun.  I just wish we had more time!  We have a different curriculum that fits our needs better, I know how to get Henry to do things (and he knows that he is going to do them) and Bennett is joining the mix this year.  All in all a great start.  Henry is blossoming this year and watching things click and watching new things intrigue him is a joy.  A few weeks back he was into stars and asking questions about the moon and stars- so, we visited a planetarium and checked out way too many books about stars.  His intrigue only lasted a few days, and maybe the amount of books I put on hold at the library was a bit of an overkill, but, he got his questions answered and can tell you where the big dipper is and that stars grow as they get older.  Plus he got a cool nighttime outing with Mama, oh how that boy enjoys his alone time.

Henry asked last week about the first Thanksgiving and asked that we get some books about it at the library- so this week we will read them and do some Thanksgiving activities.  He is still into the Boxcar Children and we check out a new one (or two) every week- we are going in order (of course), only 120 left…  Bennett has turned his hatred of chapter books into a new love and is joining us with the Boxcar books and is very excited to find “Benny” throughout the pages.  I guess we should have named Rory Alden or Jessie…

Construction is going.  We can see the end even though we wish it was closer than it is.  Just this last week we got windows, they installed doors and they are starting to prepare the wall to cut through to the existing house.  Very well timed as we are having a bit of a cold snap and there is just drywall protecting us from the elements on that side of the house…  Nightly dinner conversations always end on the topic of construction and our ever growing to-do list.  Chris needs a clone- there is no way around it.

Our weekends fill up with fun and work and by Sunday we can not believe it is the start of the week again.  I am forever grateful for my snuggle time with the baby to sit and enjoy the peace and the quiet (usually).  There is a saying around with a lot of mothers that the days are long but the years are short.  For some reason this last year the days are short and the year a flash.  I wish I could slow things down just a bit.  This new phase of childhood for our boys is fun, but I do find myself missing the more low key days where there wasn’t lessons or schooling- where we just played and I counted down the hours for Chris to get home.  However, I have never been so excited to see Henry reading new things each day- to watch things that he had no idea about just a few years ago become just an everyday thing.  To watch that kid score his first goal in soccer- so SO wonderful!

So there you go.  Nothing super exciting, but our daily lives nonetheless.  We are having fun, we are exhausted, we are learning and we are grateful.  Now we enter the season of birthdays and holidays.  Things are filling up even faster than ever, but also should be a very fun few months.  But this Mama is also thankful for that last few weeks of December where we have scheduled a break in school and plan on enjoy the season and stick close to the house.  Ah, yes… that will be lovely.


DSC_0280 DSC_0293 DSC_0312 DSC_0325 IMG_1484 IMG_1493Rory,

Last week you turned 17 months old.  To celebrate this week you decided to spout off new words and be in a very good mood.  We now say cheese, bird, woof, BOO and cow regularly.  You say hi and you wave consistently now.  Also this week you have really gravitated towards books.  You all of a sudden will be really quiet, which usually means you are getting into something, but lately it means you have crawled up into a chair and are looking at a book.

You love books and popcorn.

You love to vroom cars.

You love to terrorize your brothers and break all of their Lego creations.

You hum Twinkle Twinkle.  It is very cute.  Sometimes you sing it with Mama sounds.

You eat more than you two brothers combined and make about twice the mess.

You still prefer to be outside and can spend a lot of time investigating puddles and squishy mud.  Between you and Bennett we have had a considerable increase in laundry lately.

You love to make a run for it at co-op while Mama is trying to do her job and you run to the next room and try to go outside.  It is a really fun game we play every Monday.  I can sometimes distract you with cheese or some other delicious food, but you usually grow tired of eating and want to start the chase came.  Oh hum…

Your new favorite game is to climb up on a bench we moved into the family room, you then fall over onto the couch into Mama (or Dada, or a brother) while she is trying to read to your brothers.  You dislike waiting your turn for books and you think you are pretty darn funny.  You also enjoy fiddling with the lamp timer and finding all of the exposed electrical cords; and for some reason you are always hitting the lamp shade, I don’t know why you think this is funny because you ALWAYS get into trouble afterward…  You also have some sort of radar where you can tell when a cabinet which is usually Rory-proofed and locked is left undone.  Yes, you will help yourself to the dish soap container, oh, and Grandma’s purse, I will have a look at that too please.

Rory, you are still exhausting your parents but we love every second (okay, not every second, especially between the hours of 4 and 5 am).  You are just a joy and we can not imagine our lives without you.  You just fit perfectly in with our crew.  Your brothers are smitten and I can’t believe some days how sweet and protective they are of you.  If you stopped breaking their Lego trucks they may let you into their room once in awhile…  I love hearing your feet padding while you run around downstairs, your shrieks of joy when you are playing with your brothers or how you “read” books.  Sweet boy, Happy 17 months.  We love you.