making merry

Gingerbread building, tree trimming, snowflake designing… it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And it is totally worth the mess, droopy tree branches and candy sneaking (because Mama always knows).   We have moved to the third installment of the living Christmas tree this year- the final, the biggest for the big day.  This evening we took out a few more ornaments, strung another set of lights and moved our medium sized tree back outside.  The boys ran around with more energy than I could ever imagine.  Screaming, giggling, dancing- they may be a bit excited.

We are on official winter break from schooling.  We have seen The Nutcracker, wrapped a few presents and watched The Polar Express.  A few more things to finish up for our holiday to-do’s and we are ready!

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eighteen months and being thankful

DSC_0560 DSC_0496 DSC_0522Rory,

You turned eighteen months old this week.  That is a year and a half- if that is even possible.  Kid, you are a hoot.  You are exhausting beyond anything I was prepared for, you are way too cute for your own good and you are just perfect.

You are picking up a new word or two every single day.  Most recently it has been cocoa, baby and cat.

It is nearly impossible to get a picture of you that is not a moving blur or you trying to make a grab for the camera.

You are funny, you know you are funny, and you laugh at yourself all the time.  We have no idea what you are saying, but we know it is funny, so we laugh along with you.

Lately you wake up from your naps grumpy.  Not even cocoa makes it better.  It is very sad.

You get away with everything.  Seriously, we have gotten very lax in our parenting this time around.  The other day you were shaking one of the table lamps.  I asked you to stop shaking the lamp so then you did, but just starting rubbing the lamp with your hand.  I guess I have to be more specific about my requests.  I am, however, very specific about not touching the stove, staying out of the spice drawer and not to get into the cabinet under the sink.  These things you ignore.  Daily you try and daily I tell you not too.  It is a fun game we play.  You also get treats more than I’d like to admit and just this morning, while your brothers were at a sleepover you and I ate leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast, sitting on the floor.  It was so fun and something we will do again, just don’t tell your brothers…

You are still obsessed with being outside.  We have to keep the deadbolt locked so you stay out of the garage.  This will last only a little bit longer as you have figured out deadbolts in general, but for some reason the garage door stays locked.  I imagine when I am writing your 19 month post we will have to figure out something else to contain you.  When outside you like to point our all dogs, “woofs” you call them, and play in the sand pit.  You had a great time playing in the leaves with your brothers a few weeks ago and you are an excellent puddle stomper.

Speaking of your brothers, you are smitten with them.  You and Bennett have been playing together more often lately- you grab ahold of him around the waist and you waddle behind him as he scoots around the house.  The other night you guys has a great game that involved a large box, running and laughter.  It was fantastic to watch.  It was the first time that you guys were really playing together, instead of your brother just showing you toys and you wander off somewhere else.  It is the start of many more playful hours, I am sure of it.

This month you have been saying peoples names.  Most specifically you called Dada “dada.”  He was a bit tickled to say the least.  You also gave Grandma and Bapa the best welcome home squeezey hugs when they got back from their trip.

We have a great time reading books.  Your still have the same favorites, but you are branching out a bit.  You don’t like waiting your turn for a book to be read.  When I am reading to your brothers you climb up on the bench behind the couch and you throw your book over to me (even after I ask you not to throw books) and then you tip yourself over the back of the couch on top of us.  Then you protest until we finish what we are reading and get your book read to you.  You are sort of bossy.  But we let you get away with it anyway.  All of us do, even your brothers.  If you aren’t breaking their lego creations, they are pretty much in love with you.

Given that it is Thanksgiving weekend, it is pretty obvious that I will address what I am thankful for.  Rory, you and your brothers have filled my life with more than I could have ever dreamed.  I am thankful that I moved out of a crowded house into a smaller, more tame house and became roommates with your Dada.  I am thankful he found me interesting and decided to ask me out.  I am thankful for the journey we have made together, however many twists and turns we have taken.  I am thankful for the daily chaos- books on the floor, boots at the door, paper on the table, crumbs everywhere and smeared yogurt on the counter.  I am thankful that you three rascals made me a mother- my most favorite task in the world.  I never imagined the joy it would give me- thankful and grateful are an understatement.  Words can not describe.  Laughter far out weighs the times were I want to rip out my hair.  You and your brothers are the best gift- you are my life and for that I am thankful.

Happy 18 months Rory!  We love you so much.



when at first you don’t suceed, try, try again

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Today we had the boys do a treasure hunt that we had set up last night.  The point was to practice using a compass (which backfired since Henry already knew all the direction points of the house, so he didn’t even use it…).  Anyway… the boys had a blast.  They wanted to do one outside which we hadn’t done because we heard rain was in the forecast.  Well, no rain, so I sent them outside to set up a treasure hunt for me.  I gave instructions of writing which direction and how many steps to take in each direction to find the “treasure.”  I was greeted, with, “that is the way you did it, but we are going to do it our way.”

Um, okay.

So we played a game of follow the boys and they would tell me if I was hot or cold, or which tree branch to look behind.  I was a bit frustrated because they were not understanding the point of the treasure hunt, but they were really into it so I had to let it go.  Then, things went sour.  Bennett mistakenly told me what the next treasure was.  That was the end of the treasure hunt.  There was stomping, un-burying of  other treasure, arms crossing and running back inside.  Poor Bennett, he really had no idea what happened  But just like that the fun was over.   O-V-E-R!

After some calming words and time I was able to convince the boys that perhaps a team treasure hunt- Mama and Bennett vs. Dada and Henry could take place this weekend.  That was welcomed with much enthusiasm- arms were uncrossed and furrowed brows turned to grins.  So… this weekend will be the treasure hunt championship at Porcupine Knoll.  We are all very excited.