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A quick week- with Dada home for an extra day, a visit to the children’s theatre for The Snowy Day, a volcanic eruption and a bald eagle returned from Wilderness school (and I was told that bald eagles don’t smile or talk, however, in our case, that wasn’t true) .

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This guy and Mama headed north for a ladies weekend- he woke up at 5 AM, but was a perfect baby.

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And, maybe as payback for being so good, we spent the rest of the week being very, very cranky.  Don’t let this face fool you, we were not happy most of the week.  Teeth?  Cold?  Frustration? Payback?  He just won’t tell me.



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It was birthday week!  First Bapa, then Henry.  We are caked out!  The boys had their well-child check-ups- they are healthy!  And didn’t need shots which they were very happy with.  Their baby brother needed one and I may have traumatized him for life.  Unfortunately baby fell asleep during his brothers appointment but we still needed to give him a shot- it was not the best way to wake up.  I still feel bad (he seems to have forgotten and still loves me, I think).  Rory bounced it up at ninja class and really really didn’t want it to end.  Could we just get a warehouse of trampolines in our backyard?  Rory boy would be very happy indeed!

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This week you turned nine.  Nine years old.  A few weeks ago it really hit me how old nine is- half your childhood.  In nine and a half more years you will be going to college.  Moving out (maybe), voting and getting a tattoo (again, maybe, but this is where my Mama head goes).   My heart can’t take it.  I have enjoyed every single year.  I just can not believe it has been nine years since your large head with the furry ears entered my life.  Nine years.  Wow.

We watched a video of you singing when you were two and a half this week- it made everyone laugh and smile (you were ridiculously cute).  You laugh and smile all the time.  It is usually related to potty talk because, well, you are nine.  This is not always cute, but I know that in nine years  I will miss your run on stories and your elaborate plans for gifts and inventions.

Lets get to the good stuff…  You love being outside, you love reading, you love being with friends and you love eating.  Wilderness school is by far your favorite thing.   You are constantly filthy and the first thing you ask after breakfast everyday is if you can go outside.  It doesn’t matter if it is pouring down rain, 28 degrees or if we have to go somewhere- you want to be outside, in the mud.  You usually have a plan.  Today you were emptying Lake Porcupine (we have been getting a lot of rain lately and the bottom part of our field near the road is flooding, so it warranted a name).  Your brothers were so dirty…  Somehow you get them to do the dirty work.

You love to read adventure and mystery books.  We started Harry Potter in the fall and you were sucked in.  You devour books and I find you up way past nine o’clock some nights just because the book is “just so good Mama.”

Last year for your birthday you asked to watch Star Wars.  So far you have watched the original three with hopes of watching the next one (we have a deal, you stop biting your nails, you get to watch it…  it isn’t going so well for you).  You know so much more about Star Wars than I even knew existed.  One day on a walk you talked about one movie for an hour.  Wow.  It was impressive.  I learned a lot.

You are such a sweet boy.  Your friends parents comment to me about how polite and sweet you are (this is music to my ears).  You still like to snuggle up to me, but you do roll your eyes at me when I tell you I love you, then you say, “I know”  sigh.  Apparently I say it too much for your liking.  You can be kind of a brute to your brothers, in your defense,  you have no idea how strong your are.  But you can also be sweet- you are constantly asking to hold Thacker and entertain him.

Just this week you graduated from swim lessons.  You are now in an endurance class that gets you ready for swim team.  Yeah!!!

We are finding our grove when it comes to schooling.  We are figuring each other out when it comes to teacher and student.  This week we talked about what it was that you wanted to learn and you said Greek Gods and you want to learn how to write your name in every language.  Okay dude.  We can do that.  One of the reasons we homeschool- we can spend our days doing things that matter to you (with a little bit of math sprinkled in there too).

Henry, I never knew what to expect as you got older.  When you have a baby, you never really see them getting to be nine or older, at least I didn’t.  It has been so fun watching you grow.  I only expect that to continue.  You are fun to be around and I just love you so much.   Happy Birthday Kiddo!img_3053 dsc_0659 dsc_0650 dsc_0647 img_3055

birthday hike

Last Saturday we followed tradition (per the birthday boys request) and had a birthday hike with friends.  We rented a park shelter with a fireplace which was much needed.  This year was the first year with truly disgusting freezing weather, it was nice that people could huddle close to the fire and enjoy trail snacks free from freezing rain drops.

Every year I am so thankful for our friends that come out and make a great morning with the boys.  Everyone seems to have a good time (or at least they are really good friends and put on a good show).  It helps that we provide copious amounts of coffee and cocoa.  Our sixth year running was a success!

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SNOW!  We had lots of snow this week- enough to keep Dada home on Monday and cancel activities both Monday and Tuesday.  The boys built a giant snowman that was taller than all adults in the house but was knocked over before a picture could be taken.  What a great week!  Thursday was parent day at Wilderness school and so far I have learned that it was wet, cold and really really wet.  I am sure I’ll find out more later.




Bennett McGinley,

Today you are seven.  What a year it has been!   You started piano, first grade, you read books, you love swimming (except drills, you hate drills, and being told to breath every 5 strokes, which I agree is silly too), you fight with Rory all day and love on Thacker, and you hate Thursdays (when Henry, your best bud is at Wilderness school).

Just last week you went to the Kids center at the Y on your own terms.  When your Dada and I were talking about it that evening Dada said, “I don’t even know this child anymore.”  It is so true- what a transformation this last year, but mainly six months have been for you.  You are still an introvert, but your comfort level at new things is, well, new.  You take classes at co-op without Henry, you jump right into the pool now, even with a substitute teacher and you have told me you want to do Wilderness school next year.  Wow.  I am really wishing now that I didn’t get so frustrated when you just weren’t ready.  It is true- each on their own time.  Thank you for teaching me that.

You love pancakes, potato soup and bread.  You hate when I add green things to anything and corn.  You are still my pickiest eater, but I have noticed a difference and you will actually try something.  After learning about how our taste buds die you now will try something even if you have tried it before, just in case the taste bud that didn’t like it died 🙂


You love water- the pool, the beach.  It is your element.

You love art.  As one of your gifts, we got you an online art class.  Today you spent hours upstairs doing drawing videos.  I seriously never saw you.  You came down to give me a hug, get a snack and pee- but other than that you were in your element.  You even took back your request to go on a walk with me, you wanted to draw instead.

You have started reading and really enjoying it.  You ask me everyday if you can read to me.  I am happy to do so.

Bennett, you are the most sensitive, emotional creature I know.  You succumb to tears easier than anyone I know, but, on the flip side, have the most amazing laugh that takes over your whole body.  This is my favorite- your face when laughing- it is infectious.

Happy 7th Birthday Bennett. Gosh we love you.