four months

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Four months, a third of a year- was it really just a year ago you made your presence known?  Sweet baby boy, you are loved.  You are covered in drool, you are ripping out the hairs on the back of my neck, you just started biting your lip (this is soooo cute!).  You sometimes roll onto your side with your leg draped over like you are thinking about going for it- yikes!  You smile all the time, especially for those brothers of yours (you have so many, so there are many opportunities to smile).

There is something to be said about birth order and how kiddos turn out because of it.  I can not recall enjoying this more than right now.  Maybe it is because I am a little more seasoned as a parent and know that everything changes so fast I can’t fret or maybe it is because you are my last baby- but I am loving every second of this.  The whisper conversations your dada and I have to have in bed so we don’t wake you, the snuggling, the drooling, the cooing.  I LOVE IT ALL.   I may only have a handful of blurry pictures of you- I blame your brothers- I don’t have enough hands.  And you may get  get naps on the go, get woken up from naps, strapped into the car for rides between swim lessons and soccer-but  I must say, as long as we are together things go alright.   You prefer home- snuggled up in bed or on the couch, but really, so does everyone else in the family.  You are long enough that you kick books I am trying to read to your brothers while we are nursing (they hate this).  You wear 6-9 month clothes and your fingernails grow at an alarming rate.  You are teething, poor bubba, the past few days you have been not your happy self, I can see the bugger, can’t feel him yet, but he is there.  You love bath time.  You took the bottle for the first time this last month- it makes me having to go back to work on Fridays in a couple weeks a little easier.  And, well kiddo, we are all just smitten with you.  You make us all smile goofy smiles, pretend sneeze to get you to laugh, talk about ridiculous things in ridiculous voices- all to get you to smile.  Nice one kid- I think we will keep you.  Four months old.  Wow.  What a joy.

{this moment}

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We threw in a field trip to the local salmon hatchery this week- I think the boys learned a little something… :)  We also stayed up way past our bedtime to welcome Great-Bapa back from Washington DC.  The boys amazed me with their patience!

h- you made an awesome needle felted bear at wilderness school this week.  you have also started your wilderness journal (mama’s request) and you blew me away with what you knew how to spell- yeah kiddo!

b- my little artist.  one of my greatest joys is walking down the hall to see your head down at your desk drawing away.  you have all sorts of Christmas projects in the works- I can not wait to see what elfing you have been doing.

r- you are in transition of giving up naps, but man, after a few days you crash, and crash hard.  you have been a book worm times 100 this week.  you want to read ALL THE TIME.  I love curling up with you and am happy to see that stack of books beside you.

t- after two days of being out of the house (and you following suit of your brothers and not eating much when we are out and about)- you gave me a few nights of constantly wanting to eat.  I hope we are caught up now, I could use a little sleep…  we brought out the exersaucer for you to try- you enjoy the new angle and brothers in your face.  we also got extra snuggles in last weekend- Mama took full advantage of Dada being home and entertaining your brothers.

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h: you are building a shelter with six friends at wilderness school to sleep in next month.  You are so excited.  When did you get old enough to sleep outside without your parents in a shelter made of sticks and ferns?  You are also old enough to have figured out about Santa.  Apparently you did a test last year and you came to the conclusion that Mama and Dada are behind the whole thing- you are pretty darn proud of yourself for figuring it out (I, on the other hand, am mourning the idea of believing).

b: you hate Thursdays.  Henry is gone and no  matter the amount of cocoa or play dough I make it doesn’t make up for his absence.  I think the day flies by- hopefully I will win you over before the school year ends.  You got the final piece to your Halloween costume this week and you are pretty darn happy about it.  You also finally lost that second tooth that was hanging on for dear life.

r: you have ANOTHER cold!  My goodness child!.  We have had a few good days in a row with you- we are rational, not hitting (as much) and pleasant to be around.  If someone is around to constantly read books to you or do a puzzle- you are happy.  You are so fun right now- please keep this up.

t:  drooling much kid?  Seriously, none stop.  Some part of your hand or my hand is in your mouth when you are awake.  You have had a few days this week where you just want to sleep and eat.  Your cheeks do seem a bit more chunkaliscous.

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Henry… school work has become less of a struggle each passing week.  I think we came to an understanding.  While you are not a fan of math, we have found a solution and you now (or at least this week) did it without complaint- thank you.  Wilderness school is your absolute favorite.  You are sad it is only once a week.  I am so happy that you enjoy it, I knew you would.  You have at least 8 books going at once, I don’t know how you keep track.  There is a bathroom book, a bedtime book, a during the day book- and a few more, I really can’t keep track.

Bennett… you have really become quite the artist.  You want to be an artist when you grow up and this week you were so sad when we left co-op because it wasn’t happening again until next Monday and you can’t wait to work on your board game in art class (this being the same board game that left you in tears the first class because it was going to be too hard).  Yes, we beat ourselves up before we even try something, we are really working on in this.  We enjoy school work (especially math), except for reading ( could two kids in the same house be any different?!?).  You can read but get frustrated if a sentence doesn’t make sense to you.  Again, we are working on not beating ourselves up so much- you are doing just fine!

Rory… oh Rory.  We are week 2 coming close to week 3 of a snotty nose and croupy cough (I think we have successfully turned your cold into a sinus infection…).   You do not like being overly tired and can’t figure out why.  You are fighting naps like crazy and it is driving me crazy!  Once you do fall asleep you sleep for over 2 hours, usually 3, which to me means that you kind of needed that nap!  You had your second soccer class and loved it, even though your legs got tired and you needed to rest them from time to time.  You still want to do your school work and sit down with your brothers and demand my help as well.  Oh Rory… this week you told me that I wasn’t the boss of you, it was Barack Obama… ahem… (he wants you to take a nap too, he told me).

Thacker… Our goal for the week must be to see how many bodily fluids we could having exiting our body at the same time.  Our brothers have shared their cold so we now have a gurgled breathing sound that is lovely.  The drool, oh man the drool- isn’t it a bit early for teething?  And to keep things interesting you like to keep Mama on her toes- one night sleeping six hours straight and then a few days later waking up 5 times a night- thanks kid.  You are so mellow and happy that even in our drool cover, snotty state we are still all smiles and coos.  You giggle when Mama does baby bicep curls which will be a sure fire way to get Mama into shape- must. make. baby. giggle. always!  You are going above and beyond and trying to master getting not one, but two hands in your mouth at the same time- again, drool.

a new season

Here we are on the first day of fall and all I can think about is, “how on earth has my baby been here for a whole season?”  Born just a few days after the summer solstice, Thacker is 3 months old tomorrow.  Being that fall is my favorite season, I am excited for pumpkins and sweaters and wool socks and sunny afternoons.  I am excited to see my babe sit up, roll over, giggle more and graciously supply us with smiles.  What a wonderful season we have spent with him!

Thacker, you are a mellow fella.  You get toted everywhere, you get squished, held, passed around and put down just about everywhere and by everyone.  You get put in the car when you are tired and when you are just waking up, you get passed around by brothers, you get faces in your face ALL THE TIME- so basically you are smothered with love everyday.  You smile at these yahoo brothers of yours even when I think you couldn’t stand other persons face in your space.  You are too good to them.

You are a light sleeper and wake up almost as soon as you are put down- but then you surprise me sometimes and stay asleep for a couple hours.  Consistency is something we are not mastering yet.  When you are tired you want your pacifier and will pretty much sleep anywhere (as long as you are being touched).  The other day a friend texted and asked where you took naps.  I laughed, that day you took a nap in the Moby, on the floor of the school room, on my bed, in the car and in the Ergo.  Hmmm, fourth child problems…

You love the bath- another water baby in our family.  But, like your brothers before you, you hate being taken out of the bath.  You may want ear plugs if you are near our home when it is time to get pajamas on- we are not happy.  Otherwise, as long as you are fed when you are hungry and no one has been too rough- you are smiles and coos.

What a joy you have been these past few months.  Your Dada and I collapse in bed every night just exhausted (well, I suppose I am more exhausted than your Dada, but he has his nights too)- four kids is a lot of work!  I have no problems curling up next to you though- you are perfect.  I can’t believe I have been lucky enough to have you and your brothers in my life.  And I may accuse your brothers of smothering you with love all day, but I am guilty of covering you with more kisses than I can count.  It is just a reflex- must kiss squishy, delightful baby.  Love you Thacker boy- welcome to your first fall!

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See what I mean by all the loving…

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