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A brief recap of the past two weeks- we spent Halloween as a scarecrow, a bat and a wizard.  I have one very blurry cell phone picture, so just try to picture them- they were cute.  The young scarecrow was just amazed that he could just walk up to a house and get candy.  Every house we went too, he came down the driveway stating, “I got more candy there!”  Dada and I chuckled how the older two had probably never had candy when they were two, but here you are, getting a bucketful- ahh the perks of being the baby.

We spent last week starting working on making  our own fairy tales.  Henry’s involves a ship like Christopher Columbus and Bennett’s takes place at the Seattle Center (which I learned was his favorite place).  We also had our septic tank pumped which was equally gross as it was fascinating.

On to this week- a very busy, very unproductive (school-wise) week.  We had our second week of ice-skating lessons (did I mention we got talked into ice-skating?) for Henry, went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Wednesday and rounded out the week with Homezone and a quiet afternoon at home reading  and listening to stories.  I am certain we will be more productive next week- we have some catching up to do!

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We finished up soccer practice this week (which is a great thing on many levels, but one is the fact that it is pitch black out when practice is over…), took a field trip to the science center and got to play with friends.  We finished up our pilgrim unit, where the boys came up with important rules for the New World like- “NO Fighting.” and lots of rules about pooping, because, well, they are 5 and 7.  Bennett’s reading is blowing me away- it is really awesome to be apart of.  It will be nice to have evenings back next week, I see some low key afternoons in our future.

From the week- we carved our pumpkins, terrified Mama while sliding down the stairs on a foam pad (Rory included) and I got some game time with the little guy.

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This week we pumpkin patched it, bowled, went to two birthday parties, started our pilgrim unit and had a low key school week at home.  Our flow greatly improved from last week, which made Mama happy, and I think made the boys happy too.   We made name seals like the Sumerians, made books about the Mayflower, talked about jobs boys and girls had once they made it to Plymouth and moved on to the second Little House book.  Bennett went to swim lessons and went in without crying and that was a feat itself.  We had a good week.

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Another week- more school work, books and more books, a trip to the theatre for the older two and more adjusting and tinkering for the Mama.  Figuring out how to get everything done is something I am struggling with, but also am figuring out how to accept what we do get done- which is a lot, I just have more ideas!

This week we figured out that Rory has been calling rhinoceros- “Norse norse” for awhile now, we just had no idea what he was saying.  He keeps us in stitches that one.  After many attempts to kick a small dog at Henry’s soccer practice this week we were talking about how it was not nice to kick dogs.  His response, “I just kick the dog gently?”  This sent Bapa a bit over the edge in laughter.  He has always got a response that kid- and he is only two!

The boys and I have been flying through books lately and started “Little House in the BIg Woods” this week- a re-read for Henry and me, but new to Bennett.  After a few scared nights, hopefully he sleeps better tonight (all those dang animals in the big woods to scare a fella!  IT doesn’t help that when we were out in the field measuring Columbus’ ships we had a huge pile of coyote scat in the way…).

Henry is working on this first memorization of a poem.  It is trickier than he thought it was going to be- but good for him.  Bennett is blowing me away with his reading ability.  We haven’t tried books yet, but reading short sentences instead.  He is sounding things out in books that he looks at himself and recognizes words when I read aloud.  I am really surprised how quickly he is catching on, given he had such a difficult time with letter sounds just a few months ago.  It is true what I have been reading about for years (and experienced with Henry) when it clicks, it clicks.

One of these days, I will figure out how our days flow best, but in the meantime, they look a whole lot like this…

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A slow week with various sickness all around- we missed a soccer practice, a field trip and a swim lesson- but still managed to work on school projects and have a playdate hunting for spawning salmon.  It was nice to have a few low key days- I am looking forward to some simpler days once the soccer season is wrapped up.  I could read and make cookies with these guys every day.

Still in our pj’s, much into the afternoon (while decorating for Halloween)…


Working on our salt dough maps of the New World and Old World- they turned out really neat.  More pictures next week to include our three Columbus ships too!

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Last weekend the two oldest and Dada went on the first ever “boys only” camping trip.  They were so excited, they had so much fun, they were a little cold and they didn’t miss me or their brother at all.  I felt a little left out, but, on Sunday morning when I woke up and it was only 44 degrees outside, I was very happy with my cozy bed and snuggle mate- my Rory.

We finished up September with some Christopher Columbus portraits (per Henry’s request) and working on our homework for our History class.   After a few rough weeks, we are settling in.  I have high hopes for this school year, we have lots of ideas and we are working on going with the flow.  Next week will bring a field trip and more Mr. Columbus.

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