{this moment}

We started another cloudy summer week, but ended with a bang with a beautiful sunny day at the beach with friends.  We celebrated the solstice with a walk around the neighborhood exploring new trails and tending to our very sad, not happy garden.  We are ending the week with a birthday.  My baby is one!  Oh gosh, tears are welling up as I type.  Sweet boy- we love you so.  Happy Birthday!

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happy (belated) father’s day

Does stuff
Able to do things

We made a little sign for Chris for Father’s Day and left it hanging on his chair (Bapa got one too!) with the above sentiments.  Although the nine and seven year old descriptive words may not be the most imaginative, I think that it sums up their Dada pretty darn well.  When I asked the boys to describe their Dada it became pretty clear- he can do anything.  He does projects around the house (stuff) and builds things for them.  In their eyes, he can do it all (and really, he can).  I commented to Chris how cool that is to grow up with someone like that as their dad- someone that you think can do anything.  How cool for them, and for Chris too, I think it is pretty darn close to super hero status in his sons eyes.

And with  that, Chris spent his day doing what he does best- doing stuff around the house.  It is what he wanted.  We celebrated with the rest of the family with burgers and peanut butter brownies in the evening.  A relaxing day for all.

Happy belated Father’s day to our Bapa’s too.  We love you both!  Thank you for being their for our boys- teaching them things and sharing cool stories.  And… we need to get you in front of the camera more…

{this moment}

Sir four year old had been requesting a bike ride on a trail for a while.  He wanted to ride the “trailer” bike but once he tried it out decided it wasn’t for him.  So… 3 boys and a Dada went off down the trail (baby’s first bike ride!) while Mama spent time with Rory running along side, stopping every few feet for breaks and heron sightings and snacks.  It was pretty fun, even if we didn’t go very far.  The matching shirts were coincidence 🙂

Henry had his end of year testing this week.  He was pretty nervous when I dropped him off but seemed in good spirits afterward.  But he was wiped for the rest of the afternoon.

We spent a day at another museum this week, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum.  It was quite a trek down to Tacoma, but totally worth it.  The boys had a fun time, won a marble each and we learned a lot (at least I did).

I am hesitant to say we have had our last day of school.  Although we plan on doing math and reading all summer, our other subjects are on hold and we have been taking a slower pace, enjoying field trips and down time.  I am very much enjoying it (I think the boys are too).  And, how is this even possible, but we will have a one year old next week.  Wow.  Time….

Alaska 2017

We left Memorial Day weekend for a week of fun and playing up North.  We spent time playing with Mamie, Bapa and Uncle Matt, counting our moose sightings, fishing and relaxing.  It was a great few days- the boys can’t wait to go back and spend more time (and fish!!!).  Thank you Mamie, Bapa and Uncle Matt- we all had a great time!

{this moment}

Our first week home with no commitments- it was amazingly relaxing.   We are working on finishing up our major school work for the year, we played outside, visited a museum and the library.  We celebrated Henry’s end of year picnic for Wilderness School and brunch with cousins- minus a non-napping baby (but extremely cute), we had a great week!  Henry tried out for two different swim teams this week and made both of them!  He is extremely proud of himself (as are his parents) and we will become swim team parents at the end of the month.

{this moment} & eleven months

We started winding down our school year this week.  Last day of co-op, last day of Wilderness School and wrapping up our own projects getting ready for summer.  We will be doing some school work through the summer, but big things will be done in the next few weeks.

We had a Rory turn four and a Thacker turn 11 months on the same day.

Baby T is sporting a few new teeth and an obsession with a water table that came to our house this week.  He just stands at the back town pounding on the glass (“let me out, let me out!”).  He gets very, very mad when you take him away from it (only because he was turning blue and soaking wet, I do have to mother him…).

We have been getting our 2017 garden put together.  For being so late, I am actually feeling pretty good about things.  We will see what grows and what gets eaten by slugs or our escape artist chicken.

four years old


This week you turned four years old.  You told Dada that you didn’t want to go to sleep the night before your birthday because you wanted to feel yourself turn four because, “pop!,” you would be four.  You did fall asleep, but you did for sure turn four.  We had Puffins for breakfast, pizza for dinner and bunny cake for dessert.  You wanted to play outside and you took a nap (because, well, sometimes turning four is hard and you get cranky).  Man, you have been kind of cranky this week, and I have not really enjoyed it.  Maybe you need a full week of being four to work out all the kinks.

Kiddo, you drive me nuts.  You are non stop all the time.  It is exhausting, endearing and, honestly, annoying all at the same time.  It is one of my favorite qualities about you, you are always, always on the go.  But man, you really don’t stop, ever.  You have two very tired parents.  You talk ALL the TIME!  Most times, you ask a question, or say my name to get my attention but never give anyone time to respond before you are repeating yourself.  You are a terrible interrupter, well, let me rephrase that, you are super excellent at interrupting.  I hope you continue to be on the go, but maybe more independently so Mama can hear herself thing once and awhile, okay?

Rory, you have the best imagination.  I remember your older brothers at this age, and I really do love this age- you have an amazing ability to say the most ridiculous things.  This quality really saves you, in the midst of being ready to pull out my hair, yell, cry (whatever it may be)- you swing in with something that makes me double over in laughter.  I love this.

You love to read.  I wish I had time to read to you more.  I very much enjoy snuggling on the couch with you (yes, you interrupt while ready too, it is part of the deal.  You have things to point out and questions to ask).

You love being outside.  You got a water table for your birthday and you have been out there nonstop.  To say it was a hit would be a bit of an understatement.

You want to do school work every day, just like your brothers.  You get upset when I don’t have anything prepared for you.

You have started recognizing letters and numbers more and more.  At the start of the year you knew “R’s,” but now you know most of the alphabet.  Colors are a bit tricky though.  It is funny, each boy I have wondered if they are color blind (it runs in the family), but I do really think you may be.  We will see, you will be going to the eye doctor this summer.

You want to play your way, when you want to and everyone had better play along (or then cover there ears, because things get loud).  You have BIG ideas and sometimes not the ability to phrase them.  You are really good about describing things, even if you forget the name for them.  This evening we were brushing your teeth and you were telling me that you wanted to set up that swingy thing (you scrunched up your nose to one side when you asked what the swingy thing was called) tomorrow.  I asked if it was the hammock you were talking about and you replied, “Yesssss!”

Just this week I have been able to really see how your brain works.  Maybe I am just opening my eyes or maybe things are just started to make sense, but I am able to see why you act out when you do.  It is usually out of frustration, and I got that before, but I have been able to see what is working in that smart ol’ brain of yours.  It has helped me out this week, especially when we have been ultra whiny and needy.  You are such a good, sweet kid, sometimes we just don’t know how to express what we want or to deal with the disappointment when others don’t want to do what you want to do.

You have quite a few friends at co-op.  Other younger brothers of kids going to classes.  You talk about Jasper, Asher, Gregor and Kovi all the time, referring to them as your “very bestest friends.”

You love your brothers, but want them to do what you want to do.  This makes things interesting.  You do love their toys and their room.  Last weekend you came inside to change after getting wet and I realized you didn’t come out with your brothers.  I went upstairs and you were playing in the big boys room, butt naked, happy as a clam.  I left you and came back up a half hour later- still happy.  I went to put Thacker down for a nap and came back to check on you but couldn’t find you.  You ended up being in Bennett’s bed, butt naked, with your animals friends “sleeping.”  You played by yourself for over an hour- again, you have one wicked imagination.

You love to tell jokes.  They are hilarious and make no sense at the same time.

You sing and love to play your favorite CDs.  You make up silly songs and crack yourself up when you are sharing them with others.

You have become a picky eater.  Just like your brothers at this age.  Just like your brothers…

Rory, our family would not be the same without you.  You have given us gray hairs, laughter and a test in patience.  You have made me a better mother.  You have made me let things go.  You have made me want a nap everyday.  Gosh kiddo, we love you so.  We are so happy to celebrate four years of you.  It is going to be a great year.

Happy Birthday Rory-Roo!