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Our first week of summer vacation!  It is official, we went to our annual gathering for low tide.  We had a field trip to learn about marine mammals, a sick day at home and a cleaning/crafting day.  Last weekend we were lucky enough to take a schooner on Lake Union and into Lake Washington- it was a great morning!  Thank you Aunt Amy!


{this moment}

We had a very relaxing, chill week.  It was nice to enjoy not having a busy schedule.  My hope is to continue that trend through the summer.  I could do with a little less bickering though, which I hope will not be on trend this summer.

We enjoyed Henry and Bennett’s end of the year celebration for Wilderness School.  Not a great photo, but the boys performed a song with the rest of their foxes.

I went to the bathroom before putting Thacker down for a nap and came out to this… ugh, cuteness!

And some various weekly cuteness as well as our conflict negotiators (they were terrible, they giggled everytime something was bombed…).

Kauai 2018

Why it takes me six months to get these photos uploaded on the computer and put here, I can only blame my children, I think…  Here we go- Kauai, one of our most favorite places in the world- it was warm, lovely, relaxing and we can’t wait for another opportunity to go again.  I also would like to point out that no one got sick on this trip, a first for us in quite awhile.  Thank you Grandma and Bapa for another great family vacation! **Warning, this is a photo heavy post.  Most include sunshine and my boys.**



On Rory’s birthday you turned twenty-three months old.  You are one month away from being two- so not okay.  Time, slow down will ya?

Things you love- eating and being outside.

Things you hate- being told it is not time to go outside and having things you should not be playing with taken away from you.

This month you (well, we all did) got hit with a stomach bug.  It took you the longest to recover.  You had an upset stomach for quite awhile.  It was so sad.  You wouldn’t eat, just wanted to be held and were very, very whiny.  This last week we have turned a new leaf and it is apparent to everyone that you are feeling more yourself.  You are currently eating more than your brothers and are a very happy dude.  Welcome back!

You have started saying some words!  In addition to Mama, we are working on “yup,” “bye,” “HI!,” “Bapa,” and “again.”  For a kiddo who understands everything and is very good at getting the point across without words, this month has been the first time where we all got a little frustrated by your lack of words.  When you weren’t feeling well, it was hard for the rest of us to understand your needs and this was very frustrating for all of us.  That being said, we are now feeling better and you are much easier to read.  Plus, with the sunshine, if you are outside that pretty much seals the deal to make you a happy guy.

I love how you still squeeze my finger ridiculously tight and lead me around.  I don’t want to forget how you come up to me with your mouth shaped like an “o” and want me to copy you and then you open your mouth really wide- we go back and forth with this one for awhile.  You are so dang cute.  Your hair growth has really taken off and you have the super fine hair, just like your brother Bennett, which tangles so easily which results in a rats-nest situation in the back.  I love it.  My little ragamuffin.

You are getting more and more independent each day.  You play more and more with toys each day.  You are becoming a toddler a little more each day.  We still have our snuggle times, which I will be fiercely protective of, just to warn you.  Your Dada and I are forced to smile daily by your being here (even it is an exasperated sign/smile because we are cleaning up something you threw across the room, like, say, oatmeal…)- we are so glad you are part of our family.



You turned five this last week.  As with all your birthdays and all your brother’s birthdays, I am in denial.  Five Years Old-wow.  You are incredibly silly, can be quite the snuggle bug, are very opinionated and like to do things your own way.  You love books and Legos (until you have to clean them up, then you HATE them).  You love, love, love to ride your bike.  You don’t like to eat food that needs to be cooked (it takes too long) and you can start an argument with just about anything (it really is impressive).  Lately it is things like, “no means yes” or “bananas aren’t a fruit.”

You hate getting dressed and getting out the door in the morning.  You like to do things at your own pace and leaving the house clothed before lunch is just not on your agenda.

You are hungry ALL THE TIME!  However you only eat a small amount, say you are full and then come back twenty minutes later saying you are hungry.  Ugh.  This gets very exhausting.  Your extreme pickiness is not helping this situation either.  You would rather starve than eat something you don’t want to.  One day you love eggs, the next, you hate them (the same goes for so many things, but eggs was the one the other day).  You would be one happy guy if we just fed you sugar all day.  That being said you surprise us with your love of roasted cauliflower or the “stringy things” (spiralized beets).

One of our biggest challenges is sharing Mama.  You want all the attention all the time.  This is especially hard when Mama is reading to someone else or trying to do schoolwork with your older brothers.  You do not want to wait, you want what you want RIGHT NOW!  It is not a stretch to say the hardest thing about schooling this year was keeping you entertained.  We started a morning basket, which Mama would prepare for you every night so we had our own special things to do.  You would then go through it and dump most of it out saying you didn’t want to do it…  I really tried, you just have your own plan.

Speaking of school, when you feel like doing some, you have had some skills just click over the past few months.  Letters- you recognize them and there sounds.  Numbers- you can count to one hundred(minus that pesky sixteen, who needs that number anyway?) and your current favorite number is one hundred million trillion.  That is the number of chocolate chips you want and the number of birds you see.

You have an exquisite imagination.  I could sit and watch your creativity all day long.  I do not remember either of your older brothers get so involved in play.  Whether it be Legos or your castle or cars or your toys outside- you come up with some pretty elaborate stories.

A few months ago all you wanted to do was puzzles.  You could easily get out a dozen every day.  You did not enjoy cleaning them up, perhaps that is why this phase is over, for now.

For your birthday “day” you wanted to go swimming, eat Teddy’s burgers and get one hundred million trillion chocolate chips.  we did all that (I didn’t count the chocolate chips though, so I could have been off by a bit, but you didn’t care.  Your very own jar of chocolate… you ask for a spoon every morning.).  You had a great time, even if you had to be 16 to go down the waterslide (or pass a swim test and be a little taller, but your story is better…).  However, you told your grandparents you HATED it… sigh… five year olds…

Rory, I love you more than you ever could understand.  We may not agree on everything, and I am trying to see things your way.  You need your independence (you want to do things your way) but also need constant companionship.  I so look forward to seeing where this year takes us- five is a big one from what I remember.  We will be starting swim lessons again this summer and next year at co-op you have a full day of classes on the schedule.  I can’t wait to see you blossom.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!


{this moment}

After a week of digestive distress in the house, we have been able to tend to our sensitive stomachs and finish off our activities for the school year.  We plan on doing school work for a few more weeks, but our co-op and Wilderness school wrapped up this week.

Henry recovered in time for completing his fire challenge at Wilderness School last week.  It was fun to be able experience the afternoon with him.  He was given the task weeks ago to start gathering supplies and preparing to be able to start and tend a fire for one hour, by himself.  He was also expected to put out the fire safely.  He completed the task!  He was quite proud and quite tired after (a night of vomiting will take a lot out of a fella).  Next year he will be a coyote.  He is excited, but will miss one instructor very much.

Going back a few more days, we celebrated Mother’s Day on a train.  Rory has been after us to take him on some exciting alternative modes of transportation.  At the end of the day the train didn’t go fast enough for his taste but we had a good time on a sunny day.  We wore the grass costume all day, over our clothes…

Last weekend the bigger boys and I headed down to Grays Harbor for a swim meet.  We stopped in Olympia for tomato plants and snacks and headed the rest of the way.  It was Bennett’s first swim meet and I can not believe I didn’t get a picture of him!  Ugh.  Mama fail.  He was nervous but his coaches took amazing care of him and he did great.  It was a long day for all of us, but a good one.

Bennett is also missing both front teeth.  It is very cute (don’t tell him I said that!).

With the addition of the tomato plants our 2018 garden is planted.  There is a few more things to be tucked into beds here and there, but for the most part everything is in.  Keep your fingers crossed that things actually grow this year.  Last year was  a bit disappointing.

We had a birthday this week.  Someone pinch me that my third child is five.  He relished every moment of his birthday and birthday week (we even had a countdown paper chain).

The same day that the above mentioned child turned five, his little brother turned 23 months old.  Which, you know, means he is almost two.  Ugh, time, you stink.

And to round out the last few weeks, the youngest two celebrated their last Thursday with big brothers gone with a trip for cocoa (Rory’s choice) and the library.  Baby T even got his first very own cup.  He liked it a little…