{this moment}

A short week, but full.  We have been getting ready for our trip and de-Christmasifying.

From last weekend- part of Bennett’s Christmas present was to go to an art store and pick out whatever he wanted.  He went in knowing he wanted watercolor paints and paper and ended up with a few more cool things.  Everyone should visit an art store from time to time- we all just need the right supplies!  And, because I am the coolest Mama ever, we stopped for donuts beforehand…  I love him.

And then we brought home individual yogurts for each of his brothers.  This is a BIG deal and you will win this guy over with a vanilla flavored one.

And THEN we went to see Mary Poppins Returns with Mimi.  It was cute and a fun way to end the last weekend of the year.

The rest of the week looked like finishing food around the house, leaning/laying on the counter and making juice.  We are ready for vacation!




good-bye 2018

Hello 2019!  To be honest, 2018 was not my favorite year.  There were, of course, great moments, but the stress causing, tear jerking moments are what seem to be what my mind returns to.  So we happily say good bye to the last year- the year when a hugely scary medical diagnosis turned out okay and we are still bewildered, grateful and scarred from it, the year when I weaned my last babe (I mean, wow, a decade of nourishing and growing babes is quite the feat I must say), the year we celebrated a decade of parenting (it went really fast, everyone was right!), the year we stressed about $$ so many times to always come around to be so thankful for what didn’t happen and for what we have and move on and become a little bit wiser and stronger, the year we added another kindergartener to our homeschooling life and can’t wait to share more things with him (once he sits through a story he didn’t pick out…), the year we said yes to our family of six and made adventuring our priority (even if it meant squeezing it in on the last weekend of the month when we really just wanted to stay home and vacuum- we never regretted going and exploring something new with our little boy humans), the year where we decided maybe noise cancelling headphones for car rides might make rides a bit more tolerable (kidding, but we have discussed it, we would take turns, obviously) and the year we became a swim team family and spend 3-4 nights a week at the pool and some weekends too (thank you Bapa and Mimi, Mamie and Bapa for what you went through when Chris and I were younger.  Swim meets are not as fun as a parent as they were as the swimmer…sorry kids, we do love watching you swim, it is the other 3 1/2 hours we could do without).

As a finale to the year, we returned to our hike of New Years Eve 2017 when we came up with our adventuring club.  The inaugural year included:

January- Hiking in Kauai overlooking the Na Pali coast
February- Rearranging bedrooms and giving the older two their own rooms
March- Boulder Creek Falls- brrr, huge potholes and snow! (Voted #1)
April- Museum of Flight and pizza- Henry’s choice
May- Rattlesnake Lake/Ledge- All up hill!  It was hot.
June- Incredibles 2!
July- Ballard Locks and Farmers Market
August- Oregon Coast Road trip (runner up to everyone’s favorite adventure)
September- Tolt MacDonald- cut short due to bear scares and sunset
October- Pumpkin Patching!
November- Foodies take Seattle where we scored donuts, kombucha and BBQ
December- Ebey’s Landing for a beautiful hike on a perfect day

And on to 2019 where we will continue to be grateful, humble and try to get better at vacuuming…


{this moment}

A week of holiday crafting, sour attitudes, cranky people and the last day of most of our classes until the new year.

This week also brought the older boys teaching Thacker how to say “ew, pooh.”  It is pretty cute.

Last weekend this fella and I ran errands together.  It was a great day that ended with donuts- because we can.

I mentioned we were having a friend over for dinner and before I knew it Henry had set the table- including a citrus centerpiece.  Sometimes these kids…

The boys painted mugs for Wilderness School instructors this year- they turned out really cute- a fox and coyote.

And on Thursday’s we wait at the pool…




{this moment}

Holiday Frenzie around here.  It started with a trip to Kingston for Christmas lights and crafting with our cousins.  It was a great day!

Then to the tree farm to find our perfect tree in the rain.

Then decorating.

This year we added an activity advent to our holiday.  Every day we have a little activity- whether it is to decorate the tree, or have a family dance party or watch a Christmas movie- the boys have been excited to see what is in store for the day every morning.  It has been fun- and only a little prep is needed for some days…

And the usual- school work and exploring.

And Benny’s hair on point… oh swimmer hair!

Victoria BC

Over Thanksgiving weekend we headed north to celebrate Grandma’s birthday.  We rode a ferry, crossed International waters, toured a castle, explored the city, and enjoyed afternoon tea and a walk through a small version of historical events.  We took the boys to their first parade where we got to see a lot of trucks with lights and Santa!  We enjoyed good food, good company and over course, got to celebrate Grandma.  Happy Birthday Grandma!  We love you!