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Last weekend the two oldest and Dada went on the first ever “boys only” camping trip.  They were so excited, they had so much fun, they were a little cold and they didn’t miss me or their brother at all.  I felt a little left out, but, on Sunday morning when I woke up and it was only 44 degrees outside, I was very happy with my cozy bed and snuggle mate- my Rory.

We finished up September with some Christopher Columbus portraits (per Henry’s request) and working on our homework for our History class.   After a few rough weeks, we are settling in.  I have high hopes for this school year, we have lots of ideas and we are working on going with the flow.  Next week will bring a field trip and more Mr. Columbus.

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Another whirlwind week has come and gone.  The boys were busy:  we learned about ancient Egyptians, built a model Nile River (which soon became separate pyramid fortresses, because, well, because…), finished The BFG for the third time and played as brothers and with friends.  It was a beautiful week, we tried to soak up as much autumn sunshine we could!


My granola buddy…

DSC_0427 DSC_0431

The making of the Nile…

DSC_0433 DSC_0435 DSC_0437 DSC_0439 DSC_0440

Henry’s first selfie…

photo 1

Waiting for big brother to finish his piano lesson…

photo 2


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We started our almost full fall schedule this week- one more Henry activity next week and we will be in full swing.   Mondays are co-op, soccer for Henry and swimming for Bennett- it was a long day.  It was great to see friends we haven’t seen over the summer and the boys were excited about their classes.  Our little Bennett has really become more comfortable in new surroundings, we are not reduced to tears and silence when around other children or people.  It has been a huge transformation.  It is fun watching him enjoy himself and not overcome with anxiety.  He swam two lengths of the pool this week and just jumped in the pool with a new teacher without tears!

School did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped this week.  I had a lot of “I love school work,” and “I hate school work.”  Practically in the same breath.  It got the best of me this week, but Thursday we recovered and had an enjoyable day (minus Bennett running and screaming inside, only to find out that he had bees in his shirt.  7 of them!  Luckily he only got stung once, but it took awhile for us all to recover).

Most of this weeks pictures are by Henry.  We have been discussing nomads and how the earliest people lived.   We went on our own foraging walk and all decided we would have been really hungry nomads.  Henry made us pine needle tea, something he had learned about in nature class and we made cave drawings.  I guess when I look back at it, we did have some smoother moments than I thought…

{this moment}- first week of school edition

This week we officially started school- 2nd grade and kindergarten (how did that happen!!).  A slow start, as on the second day the teacher in charge was ill and the boys followed suit shortly thereafter, but we started nonetheless and got more done that I had anticipated.  I must admit, this year brings up more nervousness- 2 kids and a very very active toddler- how will we get it done?  But if this week is any indication- things will get done, and if they only do one history project instead of two- I am sure they will be okay.  I mean, after this week they know what archeology is- how cool is that?

Our Second Grader: he wants to learn about Spain and wants to be a policeman when he grows up.


Our Kindergartener: he likes to write (except when he doesn’t) and wants to do whatever his big brother is doing.  He loves school (except when he doesn’t) and is excited about starting school (except when he isn’t…).


All together now:


And how our days roll, in our cool new school room, there is a lot going on.

Sometimes we do school outside and sometimes we keep the baby in a basket…. (kidding, he really did that himself, it was his tunnel, but I am going to have to remember that when I am trying to get something done in the future, he was occupied for quite some time):

DSC_0394 DSC_0395 DSC_0396 DSC_0402 DSC_0406 DSC_0407

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forestWhat was suppose to be a not so busy week turned into one after all!  A (another) trip to IKEA (for fun!), some rainy park play, rainy soccer play, a trip to a food forest, sunny park play, and free museum day at the Nordic Heritage Museum (or as Henry calls it, Nordmic museum). The boys are spending a recovery day at home today with puzzles, games and grandparent time. Hopefully they are rested and can fight off the sniffles they have and we can spend our last weekend of summer having fun mostly staying home!  The boys don’t know it yet, but school starts next week- they will be thrilled, I am sure.

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This week included the start of our fall soccer season one, the finishing of swim lessons for another, playing with dear friends and a fun trip to IKEA.  We finished painting the bonus room and are now in the midst of organizing (which has, in fact, made the room even more chaotic- but IKEA came through with some organizing assistance!).  Hopefully during this upcoming rainy weekend we (I) can get some things put away and start planning our school year.

From the week- when you have a Dada as cool as these guys he just whips together a see saw while Mama cans peaches.

photo 1

Someone moved up to a starfish… he was a bit excited.

photo 3

{this moment}

What a busy week it has been- between daily swim lessons, play dates, farm pick-ups, produce pick-ups, park play and more play dates we have been busy.  I can’t recall a week I have driven more since we moved here.  No pictures were taken until last Thursday afternoon- after our friends had left, we had Sparkle Stories and all three were quiet while I made dinner.  Truthfully, this did not last much past the documented photo- but still worth noting.  Also our new roadside find- a dresser/toy organizer.  It is amazing what a little elbow grease and time can do- and these boys have been playing with things they haven’t played with in months- all because of a new location.  To quote five-year old Henry, “all we need is a little organization.”

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