“Am I Three Yet?”

He calls from the bathroom.

“Not yet.” I reply.

“Then I get a chocolate chip?”

“I suppose.”  Then silence.

A few seconds later, “Get my chocolate chip ready, I am pooping.”


A few seconds later, “Is my chocolate chip ready?”

Note, I don’t even know how the chocolate chip for a poo started, I completely hate it, which is why I put a cut off at the age of 3.  He doesn’t ask every time, but man, now we are getting demands WHILE in the bathroom? 

Henry, you are almost 3.  Yikes-this month has been such a change from last month (thank you).  You are again my sweet, sensitve little boy (you have your moments, but we have learned how to avoid them…usually).

You LOVE LOVE LOVE puzzles.  You have four and you do them multiple times a day.  I can’t belive how good you are at them, it is amazing.  You need help once and then you can do the entire thing on your own. 

Second to puzzles right now are trains.  You took your first train ride this month, we were given a new train and then given some more trains from your friend Oliver.  Plus, we have “The Polar Express” soundtrack and that is played over and over and over again at our house!  We also love our cars though, there is always some parking to do.  Always.  And sometimes we have to build garages for them, or houses for the cars to sleep in.

Susa the cow has taken up residence in your bedroom.  She is a red cow that doesn’t “Moo” because you say she is happy and so she doesn’t moo.  She is pretty quiet and stays on her white and blue polka-dot mat, so I can’t complain, we will let her stay.

Um, could you be and cuter here?  Here you are sleeping with Betty Lou.  Betty Lou had some major surgery by Dr. Grandma and came home better than new!  She now keeps you company at night and we can here you singing and reading her stories before you both fall asleep.  Roar the Moose also makes an appearance in bed from time to time, but he isn’t as special as Betty Lou.

I think you may love Christmas music more than me (gasp).  We spend our days listening to our favorites (Hello Kenny and Dolly) and you always have the next CD queued up.  You went to your first concert today.  You were completely overwhelmed and in awe.  Your foot tapped to the beat, you clapped at appropriate times, and your hips wiggled a little bit.  You then got a signed copy of the CD- one of our prized possessions right now.

One of our new favorite things is the coffee maker- you make letter and reindeer coffee.  It is also sometimes a CD player.

You have become quite fond of dancing.  However, this rarely means that you dance.  You want to be carried and run around the house.  Yes, this is about all the dancing ability your parents have, but it is exhausting!  It is pretty darn tough to tell you no when we know the giggles that our dance party will produce.

You are very much looking forward to Christmas in Alaska and you tell everyone that you have to take a plane to get there.  I know there are some certain grandparents that are just as excited!

And, so, the countdown for 3 is on.  We are just really excited to enjoy Christmas first!  Love you Henry Who.


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