this weekend

:: we inched our way towards finishing the mudroom project.  And when I say done, I mean, our stuff is back in, moldings are up (but not painted) and we are still missing cabinet handles.  Yeah, like I said finished- like how our bathroom has been finished for over 6 years with the measurements for cutting the moldings still not painted over…(enter large sigh).

:: celebrated our dear Henry’s 37th month.  We realized that month 36 to 37 went WAY more smoothly than 35 to 36.  This alone was reason to celebrate.  Not related, but another reason to celebrate- Henry got a new toothbrush today.  When I kissed him good night tonight he said that he was going to dream of his new toothbrush. 

:: wondered what we did before our helpers came along?  How did we ever get our projects done?

:: sat in shock as we were out to lunch and the table across the restuarant had a boy, no older than Henry, with an IPad propped up in front of him while his parents didn’t talk to each other and stared out the window.  Is this what is happening to the family dinner?  Now, maybe this never happens or this was the first time that boy had every seen a movie, or maybe the parents didn’t have anything else to talk about, but nonetheless, it made us very sad. 

:: again realized that when Mama is sick, it is no fun.  But things were made better with a few hours more sleep (thank you Chris).

:: enjoyed a low key weekend- spent organizing, playing, resting, eating, and preparing for the new season ahead.  Next project… the garden!


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