It’s Spring!

Or bring, zing, ring, sing, ding…  Just another day of rhyming in our household.  Do you know what rhymes with hippopotamus?  Give up?  A zippopotamus.

It is officially spring- we have been digging in the yard, planting trees, shrubs, transplanting perennials, mowing the lawn, digging in the pots and redistributing dirt into the milk box- you know, really helpful stuff (for the milkman that is).  We have some very happy (and tired) boys on our hands.

When it is time to go outside, I can’t beat Bennett to the mudroom- he is always there, holding up his shoes for me to put on.  He then will bang at the door and scream until you let him out.  A current favorite game is race down the driveway to see if Mama will come catch me before the street– it is sooooo fun…ahem.  Henry is getting ready to plant his watermelons and his artichoke starts are doing quite well in his bedroom.  He is a worker you know, he has to keep his crops in top shape.

Bennett has had a rough few days with falling on things- day one: a trip in the driveway resulting in a scraped nose; day two: a trip onto a bucket resulting in a scraped and bruised cheek; day three: a fall into the ottoman resulting in a bloody nose and day four: a fall out of the ottoman resulting a bit tongue and a lot of blood.  He is also sporting a couple of forehead bruises we are unsure where they came from (probably from one of the before mentioned collisions with hard objects).  I am really hoping tomorrow is an injury free day- poor kid.  Walking is so hard!

All in all, we have been enjoying the longer days, the mildly warmer weather, and any excuse to get outside.  Happy Spring!


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