14 Months

Benny Boo Benny Boo,

You are now 14 months old- you talk, you walk, you climb, you throw.  You are so expressive and are constantly talking, we, however, have no idea what you are saying.  I wish we did.  This afternoon you we talking to me as you headed down the hall, you then looked at me like, “is that okay Mom?”, I just said, “oh, okay” and you smiled and headed down the hall.  I am assuming I gave you permission to do something, which, I think was go into your brother’s room while he was sleeping…  Guess I should have listened a bit more carefully.  You have picked up a few new words though- “cat”, “button” and “Henny.”  You point out every ball and car you possible can, you point out books.  At the library last week,  you couldn’t stop pointing- “bawk”, “bawk.”

You still HATE the car.  My goodness, I can’t believe it has been 14 months of you screaming in the car.  We had a few months of relatively good times in the car, but now, oh man, you have let us know you are not a fan.  We decided to take the train instead of drive this last weekend to Portland just for my sanity (since I am the one that gets to drive you around all the time).  I wish I could do something to make you happier in the car- it would be easier on all of us.  And your poor brother, he just sits back there trying to entertain you- it is so cute, but also so sad…

Speaking of your brother, you guys play together all the time now.  If Henry is in a sharing mood and his toys are not doing specific tasks, you are allowed to play with him (I know, I know, so many rules).  You guys play in your crib together after every morning nap- you wait for him to come in and climb in.  I am waiting for you to just call out his name instead of mine one of these days.

You are very into books right now.  Not just pointing them out, but looking at them (almost always, though, upside down) and wanting them read to you.  Hello Bugs is still one of our favorites, but you got to pick out your very own library books last week, that was fun.  We also like our Numbers and Colors book.  And the other night you wanted to read a book before going to bed just like your big brother.  We are able to read Hello Bugs AND Goodnight Moon before you were done and ready for bed. 

You love being outside.  When I say it is time to go you run to the mudroom for your shoes- and say, “shuwes” and try to put them on yourself (which is so cute by the way).  Once you are outside it is a mad dash towards anything and everything.  I think we have moved past the dash out into the street game, although, I still am not 100% certain on that- you are watched like a hawk.  You love mud, anything with water and rocks.  You have been thigh deep in mud multiple times.  You dig in the dirt, you move dirt, you eat dirt.  You play in the dogs water bowl, you play in puddles- you are ALL boy.  We will have to have a little talk when we get flowers in our pots and seeds in the ground- it could be a difficult lesson.

You are such a love- you pat me on the back and are always resting your head on my shoulder when you are carried- I love this.  You rock out to music (especially today, at your second concert!), you dance, twirl and bounce.  You love to drive cars around and make noises for them- I think you said duck today.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I am exhausted by the end, but also excited for what new thing you will do the next day, I swear, if I blink I miss it. 

You used to wait at the top of the patio stair (technically a half stair) for my hand and then would go down- now, you just run off.  But, my new, most favorite thing you do now, is you run up, grab my hand and take me places.  Sometimes it is just down the hall, sometimes it is through rows of books at the library, sometimes it is out the door- but you want me with you, thank you. 

Also, this month, just to mention and I don’t want to jink ANYTHING, you are sleeping wonderfully, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Benny, Benny Boo- Happy 14 Months!


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