how does your garden grow?

First you buy a house, you then fence off a portion of your yard to become a dog-free zone, add some helpers who you have to birth, but who are really cute, you put your husband to work, and then you are able to plant some seeds.  Easy, right?

This weekend we built our new raised garden beds, they are pretty spiffy looking.  Chris and Henry did a great job- working together, using their wheelbarrows, digging and moving dirt- Bennett and I helped too, but our help was not as “helpful”… ahem… apparently losing shoes every 4 minutes in mud and then falling into mud and sitting in the raised beds doesn’t count as work… sheesh!

Sometimes, though, you must rest from all the work…

And sometimes, you must play a bit, inbetween shifts…

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Kiwi- we are sending them good thoughts for kiwi babies!  We also added an apple tree and a cherry tree.  We hope to add a flock of raspberries soon!  We were able to also plant peas and beets and chard and spinach and carrots (oh my)!

We also were able to tackle the front yard as well.

Now just some mulch to be delivered, cold frames to be made and some sunshine!  Our seeds are sprouting, our minds our filled with garden goodness from the multiple books we have read.  After years of trial and error, more error than success I might add, we finally decided maybe we should consult the professionals.  We think we are on the right path this year towards succession planting, four-season harvesting, and lot of crisp fresh veggies.

One of our favorite books, Muncha Muncha Muncha, has Mr. McGreeley wanting crisp fresh veggies.  This weekend while we were working on the garden beds, Henry kept quoting this book, “He hoed and he sowed and he watched his garden grow.”  I hope we just don’t get those pesky bunnies like Mr. McGreeley!


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