“Let’s do what we were doing la-ah-lasterday, okay?”  Henry says yesterday morning when he was wrestling with Bennett. 

That can sum up our past month together, wrestling and talking.  You are constantly talking.  We joke that you have a quota to reach every day, especially in the car.  “Mama, did you see that red truck?”  “What is in that truck?”  “I saw another garbage truck.”  Oh sweet boy, I know, there are a lot of trucks on the road, and sometimes, just sometimes, Mama has NO idea what is in them!  So far you are okay with my made up things, but sometimes you correct me, “No, I think it is a paint truck.”  Okay then.

You and Bennett do enjoy wrestling- a lot.  Today at music class Bennett was sitting on your head.  The teacher looked concerned, you laughed and so did Bennett- I have started to step back and let you guys do what you will- as long as tears are not flowing.

Everything fascinates you right now, and you must show me everything.  This weekend in the garden you repeatedly said, “Come look”  at just another worm, or another worm, or another worm.  We saw a frog together, we had to go get Dada and then when we returned there was no frog.  Your response, “He must have just hopped home.”

You love reading.  If we aren’t reading a book, you are quoting a book, or looking through books.   Lately, I will have noticed it is quiet and you haven’t been around for a while.  I find you on your bed, or on Mama and Dada’s bed, just reading (that is what you tell me, “I’m just reading Mom”).  We have some competition for lap space now with another voracious reader in your brother, hopefully soon you will be enjoying the same books.

You love to help me again, “May I help you?”  You ask.  Yes, you really are that polite, “May I?”

You have been enjoying the farm where we pick up our produce.  Every week we trudge in with our muddy boots, you help me weigh our vegetables, you count the apples, you then check on the pigs and chickens.  Although chickens are not on the top of your list after one got a little too close when you were feeding it some kale.  This is one of my favorite times with you- you get so excited to pick out potatoes and put them in our pumpkin basket.  I was hoping this would get you to eat them…hmmm… 

You are happiest reading or being outside, you have a tree smacker, your bike and some assorted tools.  You have special jobs for all your lego men in the house, and just recently they have been sleeping, a lot.  We are not allowed to touch these guys, they are sleeping.  You were playing with Betty Lou last week, taking very good care of her.  You sat her down at the table and fed her corn on the cob (a construction man).  You also enjoyed an ear of corn (a firefighter) and then you came over to her and asked, “Are you done?  Okay.”  And took her corn (I suppose, a consumed corn cob) and then wiped her off with a towel.  What a caretaker you are.

You are an observer.  Our neighbors give you a lot to look at.  The girls playing ball across the street, your sister riding her bike (yes, he has a sister that lives next door, but we don’t talk to her, we just watch her, and talk about her), the neighbors leaving and coming home.  You are a mini-neighborhood watch.  I suggested that the next time we were outside and the girls were playing we could go over and see if you could play with them.  You were a bit unsure about this, but you may have a blast.  You also wave at everyone that drives by.  This is hilarious considering the shy boy you are.

You still refuse to eat most of the dinners I serve you.  I am really at a lost of where to go from here to get you to eat something.  I am hoping this phase is nearing the end.  You will, someday, have to eat something green or with a vegetable other than a raw carrot!  Two weeks ago I made quiche for dinner.  We convinced you to eat some, you then ate the whole thing while saying, “This is SOOO good.”  “This quiche you made is sooo good.”  The next day, “That quiche you made last night was sooo good.”  Then, the next week you asked me to make this wonderfully delicious meal again.  I made the EXACT same thing.  It was your request.  I put the plate in front of you and you said, “I don’t eat quiche.”  Ha- go figure.

You are becoming  quite a snuggle bug.  The other night, Dada had fell asleep in the chair with Bennett and you came into our room and asked, “May I snuggle with you for a little big?”  How can a mother refuse, you came up, wrapped your arm around me and said, “I just love you so much.”  Ahhh…  Dada had to carry you back to your bed so he could get his place back.

So here we are, at month 38 and all there is to say is, you are awesome.  Can’t believe how fast it has gone by, it was just like lasterday that you were crawling and babbling.  Love you Kiddalo.


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