“Maybe the Easter Bunny will come when you are out there.” Henry says, refering to the living room while he is going to sleep Saturday night.

“Maybe” I reply.

“Say Hi to him, okay.”  Okay kiddo, I will.

The bunny came, he left a small offering of gifts (to share, gasp) and he didn’t even leave any candy!  The books Mama and Dada gave were a hit and the pants that Mama slaved away one while dealing with sick children…well, they were gigantic.  Seriously, hammer pants style gigantic.  They were worn, but, no photos were taken.  Tears were shed when they were first put on because, well, “they are just too big Mama.”  Maybe they will fit next year…

We had fun at Grandma and Bapa’s house for brunch.  We got to play with cousins, find eggs, eat cake and watermelon.  We received the world’s most wonderful toy from Grandma and Bapa- it is on a special place today where no one can play with it (mainly that little brother of ours).

We are still on the mend- but sleep is being had once again.  We are getting back on track. 

This weekend we also celebrated a birthday of a pretty awesome friend.  We got to play in the park on the first sunny, warm, and beautiful day in Seattle- a reminder of why we live here for sure.  We did have to share our friends with others, which is hard to do when you aren’t feeling well, but fun was still had, even if we had to share.  We played baseball (in our baseball outfit of course with our most favorite person in the whole world), we snacked, we dug holes, we had cake, and, well, this happened… I don’t even want to know…


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