15 months


What a month we have had!  Those teeth you have been working on since before Christmas FINALLY made an appearance, you were sick, you learned to climb and you have become a genius.

Boy, were you sick.  Seriously- snot, coughing, choking, screaming, not sleeping, turning blue, fever, not wanting to be touched- you were the most miserable baby.  I felt so bad, there was nothing I could do, you were soooooo mad.  During this time we all were exhausted and on the verge of being sick.  You then gave this virus to your brother, who is finally feeling better too.  Two weeks of ill children is a lot- thank goodness vacation starts tomorrow!

During this time of healing, we spent a lot of time inside, reading.  You absolutely, positively love to read.  I can’t get dressed fast enough before you are storming in with a book.  You have some favorites, they change weekly.  I bet you could sit and read all day.  You love to point out the balls in all books.  Luckily, tomatoes, marbles, balloons- these things all resemble balls- it makes book reading all the more fun.

You can point out where your belly buttons is (and the rest of ours for that matter, it is really funny you know), and, most recently, your hands and feet.  You know that lions roar, cows moo, ducks quack, snakes hiss, sheep baa and cats meow.  You know that elephants trumpet, this is very cute when you make your elephant sound and that cars vroom.  You can tell me where your shoes (“shuuz”) and socks (“ocks”) are and you enjoy handing things back to people.  You shake your head no when you do not agree with something.

Bath time is one of your favorite times of day, when you are not getting splashed.  You enjoy the bath even more when Henry gets out and you have the whole bath to yourself.  You slide back and forth shrieking- I need to get this on video.  Speaking of shrieking- you and Henry love to do this in the car.  I appreciate that it is not screaming and you guys think is it funny, even if it is a bit loud.

You now can climb onto the dining room chairs.  This just happened out of the blue- Henry was on one, your dad and I were talking with Henry, doing something in the kitchen, and then, there you were, up there too.  You have almost mastered climbing up on the couch, but usually need a boost- I have seen you do it on your own though (using Homer as a stairs is also helpful, when he is available).

You are a completely different baby since conquering your sickness.  You can’t stop grinning- everything makes you smile.  Mama laughing, Mama talking to Henry, Dada leaving for work, Dada arriving home from work- it is all grin worthy.  You have even let others besides your father and I (and Grandma) touch you and hold you.  You give Mamie huge grins when we have web chats with her.  You are starting to melt hearts kid- keep it up!

We had a rough patch this month- your sickness got the best of me.  There were some very ugly moments, there was a lot of crying.  Now, however, we are able to have some fun together.  We play outside.  We rip all of the flower petals off the flowers and you like riding your bike, but, you do not like wearing your helmet.  You like going for walks and going to the park- you adore Henry.  You, as we expected it would happen someday, have become a bit more opinionated about how you want to play. 

Tomorrow we head are heading for your first border crossing.  Your passport is in hand and we are ready to go- to see whales (and orcas as Henry says, I can not seem to convince him that orcas are, in fact, a type of whale…), to relax at the beach, to have some fun together.  We all deserve this nice break, especially you kid.  Prior to this week you were in so much pain and I couldn’t help, it was heartbreaking and ridiculously frustrating.  Now, we are happy- sporting 4 new teeth (for a total of 12) and ready to start running.

Happy 15 months Benny Boo!


One thought on “15 months

  1. Hope you all have a wonderful vacation and yes, it is so wonderful that all are feeling better and that even I can hold and play with Bennett!

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