busy bees

We have been rather busy lately- gathering (a word Henry uses a lot, which cracks me up) Mamie from the airport, playing with Mamie, spending the day with BOTH grandmothers, going to a baby shower for our soon to be arriving baby cousin, playing with Mamie, going to a pool party, playing with Mamie, going out to dinner, playing with Mamie, going to the farm to “check up” (Henry’s reason for going, I pick up food) on the animals, talk about visting Mamie, play at home and finally, pack our bags to go play with Mamie.  Weew.  Did I mention that Mamie was HERE?  Or that we are going to visit Mamie TOMORROW? 

And with all that playing and running around, I have done a wonderful job of not taking any pictures.  Hmmm….  I did, however, capture my boys, wanting to be just like their Dada.

Enjoy- we will be back next week!


Well, hello handsome…

Um, hello belly…

Bennett looks in pain here, but I am fairly certain they were singing (sorry for cropping off Henry’s head)…


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