18 and 30

Well Bennett, you are now one and a half years old.  And your mother, she turned 30- all in the same week!  Here are the most awesome 30 things about you this month:

1. Stink Face- it appears regularly as does the rats nest on the back of your head.

2. Your attempts at jumping- my word, they are so adorable.  I wonder when it will get old to you when I say, “Bennett, jump.”

3. Dancing- it is more of a gallop, but awfully cute nonetheless

4. Everytime your shirt is off, you are constantly touching either your belly button or your nipples (why do you do this??  They must be interesting).

5. If my shirt happens to be up, showing a little belly while sitting perhaps, this is your invitation to give me a raspberry- you think this is hilarious (so do I kid, so do I).

6.  You are a bookworm- you can’t get enough.  You will soon be reading bedtime stories with the big kids, I will miss our assorted boardbooks at night, but I know you will be so excited to read with them.

7.  You have now learned the word “again.” (See number 6.) and now do the sign for book (after you started saying book, go figure).

8. When you are really quiet you are usually pretending to sleep in Henry’s bed, under the covers and everything.

9.  You poop laying down, I think this is weird.

10.  After I change your diaper following your rest you then announce, “No Poop.”

11.  You are excellent at getting your clothes completely soaked while I am trying to water the garden.  Lately you are at a 3 outfit minimum per day.

12.  You love berries and bananas, my goodness you love bananas.

13.  You must always have a fork, you will not eat without one in your hand.

14.  You can click yourself into your booster seat at the table, you can’t get out, but you are very proud after you have “clicked.”

15. You climb into your seat everytime.

16. When you wake up from your nap you shout for me.  The other afternoon you pulled back the shades and shouted out to the backyard for me.  I hear ya kid.

17.  When you want to eat, you say, “nack.”

18.  You love to feed the goats “gassss” and visit the other animals at the farm.  I wonder how long we will continue with this CSA, but you guys love it so much- we will most likely stay put.  You get so excited when you see a kitty, especially the gray one.

19. You and your brother play music together almost daily- these concerts are the best.  You are a fantastic drummer.

20.  You and your brother recognize songs and clap to them.  Henry is always with the beat, you… not so much.

21.  You love being outside, running, jumping, sitting in rocks.  You love it all.

22.  On my birthday we had a pizza party in the park, you ran and ran.  You were a pretty happy fella.

23.  Every morning when I return from the pool or a run your are so excited to see me and shout, “MAMA” like you haven’t seen me in ages.

24.  You are a master waver, you say bye-bye to everyone and everything (grandparents, friends, ducks, butterflies).

25.  Nothing stops you from crying more than seeing a bee by the flowers out the front window, and if there are a few bees, man- nothing can beat that entertainment.

26.  Some mornings you just roll over and give me a great big kiss.  This usually makes the fact that it is before 6 AM a bit more acceptable.

27.  You chipped your front tooth falling off the picnic table after I told you to get down.  In that same weekend you fell OUT of the coldframe and you still have marks on your eye and chin.

28. You have an amazing throwing arm.

29. You only like the slip and slide when Dada is around, otherwise you are not interested

30. You will finally hold my hand, even if it is only to drag me somewhere, but it is a step.

Benny-Boo, you are a hoot and a love.  You are becoming quite a the little boy with climbing  and big kid play with your brother- I can’t believe how fast this has gone by.  I don’t even remember this….

Love you Benny-Boo.


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