tuesday’s at the farm

Every Tuesday the boys and I (and sometimes Grandma) head down to the farm.  We are members of a CSA and we get to gather up our fruits and veggies for the week.  We weigh out our portion, we pick up a treat (usually a carrot), stomp in the mud and feed our animal friends.  The goats are our favorites, followed by the chickens and Bennett is quite affectionate with a grey kitty.


I waver on whether or not we will continue with this CSA or go back to the one that delivers to Chris’s work (hello, convinence…).  But every week, as I seem them running, picking grass to feed the goats and getting excited about a carrot- I can’t help but think we are doing the right thing.

And then last week we overheard an argument Henry was having with his friend about where you buy tomatoes.  Henry insisted you get them from the farm, his friend insisted they came from the store.  Both were correct, but Chris and I felt pretty proud that he knew were food really does come from.  Something that I think most kids miss these days.

So we are signing up for fall share, we will continue to pick up veggies and putting them into our “pumpkin” basket and I will savor the moments when my children are fighting over what vegetable we get as extras and the moment that Henry first turns his nose up at the dinner I made, but when I tell him it is made with the cilantro that he helped pick, he gobbles it up.


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