Last week Sir Bennett, you turned 19 months old.  You celebrated by injuring your toe nail and tip of your toe- you now are sporting cool bandages and waiting for your nail to fall off.  I wish it would, I can barely handle the sight of it- weew.  You are a toughy though- you say “Ouh” but allow us to poke you and wrap gauze, you don’t even flinch in the tub (versus your brother who won’t step in if he has a tiny scratch…).  Plus, you have learned the word “band-aid” which is very advanced for your age.

We are now in September, and I can’t believe how fast our summer went.  You have had one major growth spurt this summer, you have the longest legs.  At your 18 month appointment you were off the charts for height, but 50% for weight.  You are so skinny.  You do, however, eat more than your brother and I combined, so I think you are alright.  Especially dessert, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.

You learn new words everyday, you copy everything read or said to you.  Your new word is “ahkay.”  You respond with this after almost everything asked of you- it is really cute.  Seriously, really cute.  Last week you had to shout that there was a “SLUG IN GRASSSSSS.”  And that one pumpkin in the garden- wow, now that is something to shout about.  It is HUGE and it is turning ORANGE.  We are working on our colors, specifically red.  Red tomatoes = okay to pick, green tomotoes = not okay.  We are working very hard on this one.  In the meantime, our windowsills are filling up quickly with underripen fruit.

You finally got your own boots.  Oh the joys we had last week at the farm.  You got to follow your brother into the mud puddles, you got to stomp in dirt and you were only moderately dirty…

When you jump now, 10% of the time you catch air.  You try to jump off of things now, which really scares me.  You are the most accident prone baby (see above).  You already have chipped a tooth and you fall off the bench in the kitchen at least once a week.  You do this by putting all your weight on your hand on the table while climbing up.   You ARE on the bench, and then, your hand slips, you fall and bite your tongue everytime.  EVERYTIME.

When you run, you prance.  When you dance, you bounce.  When you have a ball (or a book, or a car, or a musical instrument) you throw.  And when you have a book (and are not throwing it, it must be read to you, promptly.

You are a horrible assistant in the blueberry picking department (in fact, so is your brother, your Dad is the only helpful one) but at least I know you weren’t starving for the rest of the day.  And, the next day, I was happy to see that you did eat blue ones, not just green.

You call Dada either Mama or Chris.  This cracks me up, however, your Dada doesn’t appreciate it, so from now on, please refer to him as D-A-D-A.

This weekend you start swimming lessons.  I haven’t told you yet, but I think you will be excited.  You already think you can swim, so this will be a walk in the park for you.

You have become more comfortable with other people.  Just this month you have let at least two people that you never allowed to be near you, read you a story.  This is big stuff kid.

This next month is sure to pass as quickly as the last.  Benny, we look forward to more soaking wet cloths to change, “sleeping” in Henry’s bed and some last minute summer fun.  Happy 19 months Kiddo!


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