on friday

On Friday these two boys of mine spend time away from their mother.  They get spoiled, they get flavored yogurt, they get loved.  On Friday I go to work, for seven and a half hours.  It is the perfect schedule.  And these boys, well, they get to spend the day with Grandma and Aunt Amy.  Again, they are spoiled.

Some days they hang out at Grandma’s house and read books, watch old ladies dancing on youtube (seriously, just look it up, old ladies dancing to “Grand Ole Flag- I don’t imagine there are very many videos with that subject… you will wonder how this entertains my children, but they have their own flag, they wave, it is a whole performance really), they get pulled in sleds even when it isn’t snowing and eat cereal (I have been told that Grandma has the BEST snacks).


On other Friday’s they head south for a visit with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.  While there they confuse the adults with their realistic sounding fire engine, eat pancakes (and flip them too!), and get treats.  These boys are quick learners, it didn’t take them very long to figure out where the treat drawer was at Great-Grandma’s (we didn’t help when both Grandma and Mama are standing by the same cabinet with abnormal amounts of sugary goodness stuffed in our faces- so the boys couldn’t see, of course).

On Friday I know my boys are loved and adored, that they are spoiled and spoiled some more, that they are excited to be with these amazing people we get to call family.  This post has been long in the making, but how do you thank people, who, every week watch your littles while you go off to the big city? 

All I can say is THANK YOU, Mom and Aunt Amy.  They come home happy, well fed (did I mention the flavored yogurt?) and well read.  Did I mention the spoiled part as well?  Yeah, these boys are pretty darn lucky, even if they don’t realize it, I do, and I am forever grateful.


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