You are twenty-two months.  You have been for 8 days.  You have been very busy with get togethers with friends and merriment making.  You are a busy boy.

You now say water instead of wah.  I miss that wah already.

I understand 85% of what you say.

Everything is either purple or green and then when we try to correct you, you say, “No, geen.” or “No, puwple.”  We go back and forth for awhile, then you usually lose interest.

You talk All. The. Time.  You tell me where you are going, what Henny is doing, asking what I am doing, telling me you saw a truck, or that Dada is at work.  You make me laugh every day.  If it isn’t from all your talking, it is usually because when you run, it is on your tip toes.  Lately you have been a tip toe prancing fool around the house.  I will miss this when it is gone too.

You have figured out how to turn on the iPod.  You have figured out that I (used) to leave scissors in the drawer in the kitchen.  And for some reason, almost daily, you randomly decide to go into your room and bring out a shirt.  You don’t want it on, you just want to hold it and wave it around, then you leave it on the floor for someone else to take back to your dresser.

Oh, and your brought back the washing machine dance this month- thank you.

Everything you say is followed by a “there.”  “Squirrel there.”  “Santa there.”  “Henny there.”  You also have an extremely loud scream.  You use this frequently and if you are not standing directly by you, it is hard to tell if it is a scream of pain, frustration or happiness.  They currently all sound the same.

You and Henry play really well together…most of the time…  There have been some battles, you fight back now.  But for the most part you guys want to see each other first thing in the morning and sometimes you even just go play in Henry’s room while Dada and I get a few more minutes in bed before the day starts.

You love puzzles.  And books.  If we aren’t doing puzzles, we are reading books.  “Mine first Mama?”  or “One more time.”  is usually what I hear.  If I am sitting, it means I am available for book reading (at least you and your brother think so).

You are my little helper.  You love throwing things in the washing machine, carrying things in from the car, bringing the milk in from the milk box and throwing things in the garbage.  If you could make dinner yourself, I think you would (if it just weren’t for that silly no touching the stove or knives… darn!).  You always want to “Helupling Mama.”

You know the routines now and you will not have it any other way.  If Dada is not jumping out of bed in the morning to get you your vitamins, you let him know it.  You started getting your own shoes on, we have not perfected this skill yet, but you are trying.

You sing the ABC’s and are constantly counting things.  You love satsumas (but want to peel them yourself) and pears.  You like toast, but not the toasted kind.  You will eat anything with sugar (yup, you are my son).  And you still gobble up more oatmeal than your overall body weight.  You also have a great fondness for yogurt and granola.  You usually steal mine.

You love being outside.  But… you do not like having cold hands.  Especially if you fall on them, grrrr.  It makes you very mad.

Benny, you are fantastic.  You are funny, adorable and all around wonderful.  You are becoming your own little person and I can’t wait to see what that is.  You are slowly opening up to other people and are WAY more outgoing than your big brother.  You are also a lot risker which I do not like… ahem…not at all.  Happy 22 months sweet boy.  We love you.


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