our holiday (and what I want to remember)

After the swell of the flu calmed in our house and changed a lot of plans, we really had a wonderful holiday.  It was filled with family, friends, toys and goodies.  Two boys I know very well were spoiled beyond belief.  I am sort of mad about this, I should know better, especially for the 22 month old (wow, he was overwhelmed).  But… they are really happy, they got some great toys that I know will be played with daily.  I just wish I would have done a better job of keeping it simple.  We did hold back, in fact, there are wrapped gifts in the attic.  We can’t decide if we should return them, or just save them for next year (how many vehicles do two little boys need???  I am told A LOT from my husband, but I don’t know).

Because we were sick things didn’t get done- loved ones gifts, baking, decorating- but, we did get cookies made on Christmas Eve (for the reindeer) before packing into the car for the ride to Portland, we did get Christmas pancakes (although I had initially thought of something fancier, but in the end, Christmas pancakes were a hit, even when they were the day after Christmas pancake sandwiches), and we got to sit around and enjoy our gifts.

Two boys got the parking garage and gas station they have been drooling over in the catalog for months- and a big guitar.  Those boys do really love their parking garage, let me tell you, it is barely a “Good Morning” before they are off parking cars, or street sweepers, or ambulances.  So, although I hope to do better next year with simplicity, this year was just fine, just perfect in fact, for us.


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