kauai 2012

This weekend we returned from Kauai, yes, we missed the state of emergency in the Pacific Northwest, whoops.  We had a great time, a fantastic time- it was awesome.  For the past few years we have travelled to Hawaii with my family- we end up doing it again every year, so we must be doing something right.  But what it really comes down to, is we have fun, we play, we talk, we play some more and then we swim in the ocean.  And then, we decide we have to do it again next year- yes please!

One particular almost 4 year old was very excited to head west.  He was ready to swim in the pool.  Not the ocean, he reminded us, but the pool.  Well, he got to play in the pool A LOT.  He went from just sitting in the shallow end, to kicking himself around on the inflatable turtle, to jumping off the edge, to being thrown from family member to family member, to sporting goggles, to sticking his face in voluntarily.  Big steps from this very cautious little boy of mine.  We are ready to swim on our own (if he just weren’d so dense, poor guy, it would be easier).  So hopefully, next Hawaiian vacation, we will be self propelled.

Henry found the deliciousness of POG, mastered Go Fish, fell in love with the Frog and Toad books and enjoyed whale spouts.  He even saw whale flukes, which is pretty cool, from 4 to 30 or 50 years old- a whale sighting is exciting.   He also dug big holes in the sand, enjoyed having his legs buried in the sand and even allowed waves to touch him (ahhhh).

Bennett was slow to accept the ocean, he finally did, but never wanted to go in, but it became okay if the water accidentally touched him.  He was slow to enter the pool, but once he did he was a jumping, blast off taking fool.  Again, again.  Although today he told me that blast offs hurt his eyes (at the time he didn’t care, but sometimes it is after the fact, you know).  By the end he would just hop in the pool by himself and just jump and walk around the shallow end.  We had a difficult time regulating our body temperature, so we weren’t quite the water monkey our brother was, but we did have a great time.  We really like pineapple, a lot, we asked for it today for lunch, it is so so good.

As for the rest of us, we got to play with some cute kids, bob around in the ocean, watch for whales, witness beautiful sunsets, and then witness even more amazing stars (I saw my first shooting star!!!).  We discovered a wonderful cocktail named for where we were staying, it was yummy.  We discovered Go Fish is enjoyable at any age and that my mother really really likes to win (and then rub it in… just a bit…).  We discovered that Bapa’s belly produces the best raspberries and that paper bags are not the best throw up receptacle.  We discovered that we squeal when a whale breeches and that drinks at sunset are the best.  We discovered (although we kind of already knew) how fortunate and lucky we are for being able to do this every year.  Thank you Bapa and Grandma- you spoil us rotten, we are so lucky to have you, and, um, have we asked this before, we are going to the Big Island next year, right???


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