a fresh start

Last week was big, for me anyway.  It was a long time coming, I just was not ready to accept it, totally not, but, so far, one week in, it could be one of the best decisions I have made.  Henry stopped napping.  For months it has been a battle- if not at nap time, bedtime, or a VERY VERY early morning time.  Every day I got frazzled, I was short, I got irriated (nice, right?).  Finally it was decided, he really isn’t tired at noon anymore (enter HUGE sigh from mama).

So, we came up with a new plan, books while Mama puts our brother down, separate Mama and Henry time and then together time.  It has been awesome.  As requested by the almost four year old, we play Candy Land and drink tea (and sometimes, other games and more books).

I didn’t think I was ready for him not to nap.  There is the whole, you are still a baby, right?  You need a nap.  And the whole, I worked really hard to get you two on the same schedule, now how will I get things done?  And the, um, you are still a baby, right?  But now, I look forward to our time together, we talk, we sip tea, we come up with a lot of “What if’s” and we ask a lot of questions (like, “Why is Mr. Mint minty?  Or, Why is the King made of candy?  Why is his house made out of candy?  Why is Gloppy brown?- you know, important questions).  I am still not ready for him to grow up, head off to school, get a girlfriend and ask for the car keys, but for now, things are good.  Very very good.


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