two and a quarter


Last week you turned two and a quarter years old.  I have been keeping a list of things I want to remember about you right now, but really, above all, you are very funny.  We love you kid. 

  • You are big stuff AND you know it.  
  • You love Henry (or, Henny as you call him) and the two of you play together so well together (90% of the time- we do fight over Lego men, or socks, or brooms, or even what container you get your vitamins in…).
  • You love being outside.  It doesn’t matter if it is raining or hailing- you will be outside.  You require quite a few outfit changes during these missions as well as shoe changes, one pair is just never good enough.  You love mud puddles and will find them anywhere.
  • You are a goof and are aquiring quite the sense of humor- you have an awesome grunty voice you use when you are being funny (oh, I mean silly).  You also have some great dance moves.
  • You get hurt ALL THE TIME- you trip, you get run over, you walk into things, you get bumped, you get pushed down- usually a bandage fixes all these problems, as does about 22 seconds in Mama’s arms, then you say, “I okay” and want to continue on with what you were doing.
  • You love music and think you can use the iPod.  You can not.  But you can turn it on a get a very sly look about you- you are so very proud of yourself.  You have some favorites that you request over and over and over again.  When they come on you say, “Mama, this one my fawvoret.”
  • You wuhve everything.  You wuhve Mama, Dada, Henny, songs, yogurt, bananas, oranges, nuts, pasta and fish.  You wuhve the chicks, your striped pajamas, brushing your teeth and pants.  You hate socks, shoes, fuzzies in the tub, wet shirts and diaper changes.
  • You say “I nee you Mama” less than you did before, but it has made a comeback these last few weeks.  You have started to “nee” other things as well, like toys that Henry has or crackers.
  • You have helped plant things in the garden and are an expert mover of things.  You do not help clean up, ever.  You always turn the rain barrel on, even though we have asked you not too, every day, you still do.  You like being wet.
  • You throw tantrums over which bowl your peaches go in- this is so silly.
  • You are so happy first thing in the morning and are very grumpy when you first wake up from your nap. 
  • You wave good-bye to Dada every morning from the front window and when he calls during the day you ask him to sing “Hi-ho.” (Which he does, I am sure he will appreciate everyone knowing that). 
  • You love reading and are constantly interrupting the stories to tell me which building is yours or which car you drive or to ask what something is.
  • You are very agreeable, you answer “AHwkay” to everything, however, this does not always mean you are listening…
  • Some nights you make your way into Mama and Dada’s room, climb over Dada’s face and snuggle between us and fall instantly asleep, I sometimes wonder if you sleepwalk over to our room, you don’t talk, don’t cry, just find a new place to sleep.
  • You always want to walk over the bumps in the parking lot on the way to Henry’s swim lesson.  You are also an excellent spectator (you have friends who bring you toys and jelly beans, so I think this helps some… but you always impress me with your patience and behavior at the pool).
  • You just had your first overnight sleep over at Grandma and Bapa’s.  Despite being sick, you were a trooper and we have marked that in the success column.  They made you pizza and waffles and bacon AND sausage AND they had strawberries- who wouldn’t want to stay there?

You are loved beyond words little one.  You are becoming your own little person and I love seeing your personality shine through.  You are understanding so much now and have really begun to articulate your wants and needs.  You speak in full sentences and can use rational thought (sometimes).  You make us laugh every day and their isn’t a week that goes by that your Dada doesn’t say to me, “Just look at him, seriously, how cute is he?”  Well, seriously kid, you are cute and wonderful.  We will keep finding puddles for you to jump in, places to run, songs to dance to and books to read.  We love you Benny.


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