on mother’s day

They started out as a sound from a growing belly, they flip-flopped around letting their presence be known little by little, then… they were born.  Wow.  Motherhood (um, it is kind of hard and very scary). 

They grew hair, personalities, and fingernails And then, they grew some more.   That’s the best part- getting to watch the growing- as they make new discoveries, seek out knowledge, and have the desire to know everything.  Watching little people witness things for the first time, get so excited over the beach, having no cares but building a bridge with driftwood and eating Pirate’s Booty- isn’t that what it really is all about?

Perspectives, priorities, cleanliness- all things that change a little when children enter your household.  It’s okay- the tripping over cars, the sticky table that I type at now, the musical instruments scattered down the hallway- because tomorrow, when those boys wake up, we will have oatmeal, read books and plan our day.  We will be excited, we will learn new things and we will be happy.  We will burst with pride as one learns to swim, one uses the potty and when they both eat green things for dinner.  We will fret over schooling, injuries that may occur and whether or not they are getting enough sleep. 

But at the end of the day/week/month/year- it is always back at the same place.  Taking a step back and watching them grow.  Watching them secure their footing, warm up to a situation and go.  It makes you smile, cry, laugh and worry- but it is so worth it.  I always figured I would be a mother, I just didn’t know it would be this good.


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