on dada’s day

These boys of mine have a pretty fine Dada.  His talents are endless when it comes to building- forts, tables, lego stores and fire stations, and fences- he is also one heck of a negotiator.  Need a bandaid removed from a preschooler?  He’s your man.  Need a pajama delima solved for your two year old?  Again, he’s it.  He makes me a better mother.  He has rocked babies and toddlers to sleep, he rubs sore growing legs and feet, he is the ultimate pancake chef and well, we all think he is pretty swell.  Happy Dada’s Day Chris- we are so lucky to have you.

And Happy Father’s Day to my dad, grandpa and father-in-law- and all other Father’s out there.  We think you guys rock as well.


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