cousins and anderson island

 This weekend we got to celebrate a belated birthday with our cousin and aunt (and uncle, too).  Watching these boys together made me realize how much fun they will have growing up together- playing, sleepovers, the works.  What lucky boys.

The next day we went “on an adventure” to quote Henry.  We took the ferry over to Anderson Island.  It is the southern most island in Puget Sound, only 8 miles long and not a whole lot there.  We stopped off at the Island General Store for a map and hit the road (for a few minutes) and found ourselves at Andy’s Marine Park.  A 3/4 of a mile hike got us down to the beach.  There was one couple packing up their tent into their kayaks and another family setting sail on their boat- and then us, that was it.  We ran into the water and got our shorts wet, we threw rocks, collected rocks, found a jelly, found sticks, raced “boats,” had a snack, peed on a leaf (one person found this particularly entertaining- can you guess which one?), and make tracks back to the car (AND the adults even saw some whale activity, but it wasn’t much, the boys missed it, but we did get to see some boats, so that was cool).  These boys so enjoy their time outdoors.  They ran the whole way down to the water, pointing out signs, rocks, roots and possible animals homes.  “Maybe a tiger lives in there, or maybe…” 

We also went to the Johnson Farm Museum which was the Anderson Island History Museum.  The boys ran around the community garden pointing out vegetables they knew and asked to ride the old tractors.  It was a great outing and when the weather returns to hot we will go back and take a dip in the Ol’ Swimming Hole!



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