two and a half


Today you turned two and a half.  We went for a bike ride, saw the Blue Angels, ate bagels, and had half a cake.  You got to play with Henry, eat oatmeal for breakfast, have a pillow (or piffow) fight with Bapa and went “camping” in the living room- pretty good day for a fella.

Since you turned two you got your first hair cut, went camping for the first time, had your first fair food (cotton candy and a corn dog- you loved both), grew attached to “Teeny bear” and got a big boy bike.

You mimic everything your brother does- he is hungry, so are you- he is finished eating, so are you- he needs to run around the yard screaming, so do you.  You are very vocal about what you like and don’t like.  You are extremely stubborn- you like to get your way.  You also like to make us laugh- you tell me the title of a book is wrong and try to tell me it is something else (oh you laugh and laugh at this).  The other night while you were going to sleep you were reciting from Jack and the Beanstalk, “Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell Englishman, Be he dead, Grind is bones to make my bread…. and salami.”  You know that it makes me laugh, so, it is part of the book now.

You say “pomorrow” and “pomato” as well as things like, “I saw him er-we-er.”

You love to read, run around, ride bikes and help me water plants.  You eat ALL. THE. TIME.  You are a bottomless pit.  You can eat 3 plums in a sittting and ask for more.  You love pancakes and any sort of meat.  You do not like many vegetables- but you do like green smoothies.  You eat yogurt like you have never eaten before.  The other night you and your brother polished off half a watermelon before I realized what you guys were doing. 

You love camping.  You do so awesome everytime we go, your Dada and I are so impressed. 

You are very very grumpy when you wake up from naps.  Especially after long ones. 

You now like to pick out your clothes- usually we have competing patterns.

Teeny Bear is now attached to you- you nurse him, put him to sleep, show him the outside, take him in the car and cuddle with him every nap and night. 

You have told me that when you are bigger like me and Henry that you will go on the potty and take swim lessons.  Okay kiddo, its a plan.

We love you Benny.  You make us laugh everyday- your Dada and I are always surprised and madly in love with your imagination and your drive to be big.  Kiddo- you are wonderful.  Happy Half Birthday!


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