happy new year


The start of this new year comes at a time where we are all recovering, laying low and sniffling.  Our traditional plans were cancelled and the only reason we were up at midnight is because someone in the house has a great distaste for fireworks (ahem… he is four legged and has a ridiculously large head).  We spent the day resting, napping, sewing, and building.  The peace is what we needed.

2013 has us exicted for new things, new people, sad for things out of our control and feeling grateful for what we have.  We have a lot- and the past few days we have had a even more reason to be grateful for family.  Not only the ones that live within the walls of the house we call home, but extended family.  We are a good bunch.  How fortunate my children are to be able to always have somewhere to turn, someone to help them out and people rooting for them no matter what.  They probably won’t notice it until they are older, it is what they will grow up to expect (as I did) that that is what family is and does- but for many, it isn’t so.

So for this new year, we will be grateful.  When things seem to be piling up towards negative, remind ourselves of the things that we are a part of, the life we created and the family that we grew up with or the family we helped establish.  In the end, it is who is there, no matter what.

Happy New Year!


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