On February 13th you turned five.  Wow, I am in awe of that- of that fact that you are five and that you are you.  You are just too cool.  You are kind-hearted, caring, sweet and only sometimes a bully.  You like people to follow rules- when they don’t, you get mad.

You are getting to be such a boy.  One of your favorite topics right now is farts.  I must admit, it is pretty funny, even if others don’t think so.  The other week when I called you at Grandma’s when I was at work I asked, “What are you doing?”  Your response, not even with a hesitation, “farting.”  And so it begins…


Rachel has made it back into our lives again.  You like to come into bed in the mornings and ask if you can tell me a story about Rachel.  These go on for awhile, they are very detailed.  But I have learned a lot about Rachel during these stories.  You still plan on being a boy nurse with him when you are bigger, like Mama and Dada big (you point out).  Rachel also lives down the street in the house that had the big Christmas lights in the front yard.  Although he used to live in California, but he moved after his mom died and he had to take care of his sisters.  He drives a pick-up truck just like Bapa’s.  Even Bennett has a Rachel now, his Rachel’s house is just down the street with the Valentine lights.  I really should record your conversations in the car, they are far better that any CD or conversation your Dada and I have.


You love swim lessons- you can’t wait for them, you ask which day it is so you know if we will be going.  You kicked down and back the big pool last week for the first time, 50 whole yards!  You usually can barely make it through dinner before you are ready to fall asleep after swim lesson days.  You  like to watch the older kids at swim practice and you talk about when you will be on swim team.  You do an awesome pencil dive, which is not a dive at all, but you jumping completely straight as a stick into the water.  You were very proud of this in Hawaii.  Your aunt Courtney taught you how to cannonball- that was pretty cool to watch too.

You love to read and you and I have been getting more and more into chapter books.  I must admit, it is one of my favorite parts of the day, while Bennett is napping, you and I snuggle on the couch and read our chapter book.  You can write all your letters and we have been working on numbers.  You can spell your name, Bennett’s name, my name and dada’s name (well, Mama and Dada that is).  You can spell pig and dog and a few other words.  This amazes me.  We do not sit down and practice this, it is all by your desire and curiousity that drives your learning- it is such a pleasure and joy to watch this unfold.  Tonight, while I was making dinner you and Bennett were coloring.  Bennett asked you what rooster started with and you responded, “R, like rrrrrrr Benny.”  Yep, you got it kid.  You enjoy doing your workbook, but do get easily frustrated with things you don’t get the first time.  You wanted to write a lower case a the other day and got mad and stomped off when you made the line too long.  You get this from me, I hope we can work though it together- everything takes practice kiddo.


When you aren’t reading or crafting something you are usually building a truck with Legos.  This week it was a camper.  I remember when you didn’t want to build anything on your own and now you complain I am no doing it right.  You got quite a few “little Lego” sets for Christmas and you can build most of them by yourself with the “constructions.” 

Clothing.  Hmm, how to start this- you are the most ridiculously picky dresser I have ever met.  You only wear a few articles of clothing even though your drawers are stocked.  You had a favorite pair of jeans but they got a hole.  You asked me to patch them, which I did, but I also put a patch on the knee that didn’t have a hole and now you won’t wear them.  You have a second pair of jeans that you used to wear, but now you won’t because there is writing on the button.  You only like certain socks, your “sweater socks” and you only have one pair of shoes you will wear.  Although this week I have noticed that you won’t put them on and only want your boots.  I think maybe your feet grew.  You do love sweater vests- you have two and they are in a rotation.  I have come to accept this about you- I will never buy you anything without knowing I will most likely take it back.  You must always come and try on new shoes (although even this isn’t a guarantee seeing there is a pair of brand new shoes in your basket you picked out, tried on and wore home that you won’t wear now…).  Your brothers will have some nice new clothes when they are five.

You asked to start soccer the other day- I think you will have fun with that.  This year I have really watched you blossom.  You are still very shy, but you have definitely come out of your shell.  You kid around with the other kids in swim lessons and enjoy playing with the other kids in music class.  You loved circus class and goofed off with the coach every week.  In new situations it does take you a bit to warm up, but not as long as before.  You are more confident, however you still won’t go down the hall by yourself when it is dark, Bennett usually volunteers to come with you.  He just adores you.  You pick up your toys and want to help with chores.  The other week you cleaned the tub and keep asking when we can do it again.  You enjoy washing dishes and vacuuming.  I am going to need this help during the summer, I hope this phases lasts until then.


One of your favorite times of day is “Mama and Henry” time.  I had no idea how important it was to you until I have heard you talking about it with others.  We sometimes sew, make food, read or just play a game.  Sometimes we need to get out of the house, away from our little brother and last time you asked to get cocoa, a donut and to go through the car wash (you know your brother hates the car wash)- it doesn’t take much to make you happy.  For your birthday I kept trying to think of something fun to do.  When I asked you what you wanted to do it was take a “city bird watch”- which was a walk around the neighborhood with binoculars and our bird chart.  You led the way and somehow we ended up at Grandma’s (shocking) and then you requested that she make us nachos for lunch.  She agreed, of course, it was your birthday after all. 

You are a constant reminder that keeping things simple is the best.  You love helping, working and just being home.  Henry, I can not believe five years have past since I first saw you with your pudgy arms and really really big head.  You have been a delight the whole time (minus the hitting phase, which I hope ends soon…).  You are becoming a boy with your crazy dance, showing off for friends and just wanting to run, jump and leap from everything.  You are very cautious though and are a rule follower (do you take after your father maybe?).  Being five is going to open up so many things for you- I am so excited to take this journey with you and will forever treasure them.  It makes me sad to think I will never hear “aff” for water or laugh when you try to say hospital (you can now say both correctly) but watching your imagination and curiousity towards everything has made me realize there will be more things to cherish.  We love you kiddo.  Happy Birthday!


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