just the four of us


I had this picture in my mind of what the last few days of a family of four would be like.  Not necessarily exactly what would happen, but, you know, everyone getting along, we just enjoying each others company… stuff like that.  Well, things don’t always go as you think they will, but isn’t that what it is all about?  Days of frustration have a funny way of putting things into perspective.

We started our week out with a false labor trip to the hospital, a Dada with food poisoning (we think and honestly hope that it wasn’t viral), a sick and snotty 3-year-old and a cranky 5-year-old.  Yep, not exactly the picture of peace and rest before the big day.  But really a picture of what our daily lives are like and about.  Sometimes we are cranky, sometimes we are sick and this little guy about to arrive, well, he is just going to be thrown into the mix of it all.  The thing is, despite everything, is that all four of us are so excited to meet him (the boys tell me daily) and kiss him and hold him. 

I think back to when I was pregnant with Henry and when he came home and it was all about him- was he sleeping, was he eating enough, was he breathing…  With Bennett, it wasn’t so much stress about that stuff- he was fed (check), soothed (check) and held (of course), poked a few times too many by his big brother and let us know he hated (and I repeat hated) the car.  Tomorrow we will be able to start getting to know this little guy.  And however much I think he is going to be born into chaos of sickness, crankiness and a lot of running around- I think he is going to be pretty darn lucky.  By the time this new guy will sit through a whole book, his biggest big brother will be able to read to him, he will show him how to climb a tree, he will show him how to be helpful and will always offer to hold his hand when he has to get a shot.  And his littlest big brother, well, he will show him how to be dramatic, how to sashay out of a room, be his bathroom buddy and show him how to draw “B’s.”  I don’t honestly feel as prepared for this little guy as I did the others- the pregnancy went by really REALLY fast, I have been busy with his brothers- but, the reality of it all is, really, all he will need is us- the four of us and he will be alright.  Get ready baby- we will see you tomorrow.


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