five days old

How is it possible that this little guy is already five days old?  It has been a blur of hospital stays, coming home, our brother coming down with the flu, sleeping, eating and well, you know the other part.  Rory has been settling in nicely- getting loads of snuggles, lots of head rubs and even more kisses.  His older brothers ask to hold him all the time- they are smitten with his tiny hands and tiny ears and little fingers and cute jammies.  As for the parents, well, we are just enjoying being together, quietly together because of the middle ones sickness, but as we all mend, it has been just as it should be- just us figuring out our new family of five.  The boys have been so respective of Mama’s need to tend to the baby and to her big “ouchie” and Dada, he has been the provider and he is doing a dang good job of it too.  Five days old already- luckily we have been able to take it all in.

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