one month old


Today you are one month old.  You are a delight. 

You gave me your first grin on Father’s Day.  You then gave your father one a week later.  You gave Henry one today and I am sure Bennett is up for one soon. 

Speaking of those brothers of yours, they love you so much.  You are the first one they want to see in the morning and nothing is cuter than your middle brother coming out and saying good night to you every night- “Good Night Wory, See you in the morning Wory.”

Currently your favorite things are nursing and sleeping.  For a few days last week that is all you did- and you were not happy when you were not doing either of those things.  And then, all of a sudden, you grew out of your clothes.  One day they fit and the next, you couldn’t straighten your legs or keep a shirt on your shoulder.  Wow- what a growth spurt!  You are in 3-6 month size- you are following in the footsteps of your older brothers in that regard.

074 082 028

Your Dada and I can not get enough of your fuzzy head, sweet smell or scrunchy legs.  We fight over who gets to snuggle you at night- we have been watching a ridiculous amount of tv just for that reason.  We just want to snuggle with you and listen to your grunts and soothing sounds.

You have been opening your eyes more and more- every day you are more aware.  Henry can keep you entertained for quite sometime- you are lucky to have him (and Bennett too, but Henry is especially sweet on you).  You have the most beautiful blue eyes.

You have just fallen into place in our family of five.  You have been house-hunting, grocery shopping, to the farmer’s market and you have watched (slept through) Henry’s circus class.  You have taken naps in the yard, in the sling while Mama makes dinner, snacks and picks weeds.  Besides a slight backache, I love having you that close to me.  I do, however, look forward to your Dada getting home at night for an extra pair of hands (well, and because we really like him too).


I look forward to watching you grow this next month.  I have enjoyed every moment of this past month- from the first days of getting to know each other to the following days and weeks of getting into a new routine.  This month will be back to reality for Mama, Dada will be back to work full-time.  We will miss him, but we will figure it out.  I see trips to the beach, backyard slip and slidin’ and a lot more snuggling.  Rory, we love you and are so glad you are here.


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