{this moment} and two months old


This week you turned two months old.  You are growing.  You started out the smallest Geitz baby, and at two months you have surpassed your brothers by 10 ounces!  You are just delicious.

You smile all the time, you like your naps, you like to eat, you love your brothers.  I would not want them smoothering me the way they smother you, but you smile the entire time- especially at Henry, he is so sweet to you (Bennett is sweet too, but we do have to put a limit on the amount of kisses you get per day, it is pretty overwhelming).

You are in six month sized clothing and this week you are sporting a pretty nasty diaper rash (stupid energy efficient washing machines!!!) but we are working on that.  You hate having your feet touched.  You are a cuddler and have started holding on with your hands and arms.  You are so alert and watch everything.  One of your favorite places is under the tree in the front yard, which is good, we spend a lot of time out there, you looking up at the tree, Mama watching bike races.

In your two short months of life we have drug you to open houses, Costco and swim lessons.  Before you turn 3 months we will be moving into our new house (YEAH!!).  A lot has gone on that can only happen when you are the third baby.  You go with the flow.  You are relatively happy in the car execpt when you are not.  You hate my singing but when I sing your name, ROOOORRRRYYYYYY you smile.  You love kicking your legs in the water, but do not like drinking the bath water (even though you try to do this every time you are in the bath).  You do not like being startled, which, unfortunately happens pretty frequently around here.

You fit in pretty well around here, I must say.  I love you to bits (as does everyone else in the house) and please, please do not roll over until we have moved.  Love, Mama



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