six months old


You are now six months old.  You sit up, you roll, you blow raspberries, you are trying to pull yourself up.  You have started doing a “huffy” face which is so adorable, your brother Bennett did the same thing, I forgot that until you started doing it.  When you get really excited you flap your arms like a bird, I get kind of beat up with that one.

You still love the bath, but hate getting dressed.  You like being carried in the Ergo, but if I am just carrying you, you are leaning over making it impossible to do anything else but make sure you don’t fall out of my arms.  You are wiggly.  You scoot around on the floor in ways I am not sure even how they are possible.  If I put you down and walk away for a minute, you are never in the same spot and you have pulled things over, out and on top of you.  You can scoot 180 degrees while you are sitting so that all those protective pillows I put behind you, yeah, those are then in the front of you, not protecting you!

You tried an apple slice yesterday.  You do not have any teeth then, but you did very much enjoy sucking and liking that apple slice.  You were a slobbery mess after that, more so than usual.  Today I noticed a tooth popping through, your grandma thinks it was the apple slice that helped it.

559 585

The past week you have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking it is morning.  Please stop this.  We have pushed it to 5 AM, which is better, but still not really what your Dada and I were hoping for, please sleep past 6-0-0.  This also means you are ready for a nap at around 7 AM, but we have got the nap hold down, you can not resist once I have you in the hold- you try for a second, but you just can’t too it.  It is pretty funny to watch.

You are fine in the car unless you are sleepy.  You then moan and moan and moan- not really unhappy screaming, but just enough to make the trip not too excellent.  You usually do fall asleep, but usually when we are almost to our destination.  If we were travelling for hours I think it would work out for a nap for you, otherwise, we have just made you extra tired.  We try to put you in the car post nap, then you just smile at those brothers of yours.

You love your brothers.  They compete for your attention and who can make you laugh the most.  How you still laugh when they are pulling on you, or laying on you, or just hoovering is beyond me.  You do so love them- no one can make you laugh like they can.  You let them do things like this to you…

618(Photo by Bennett)


So much has happened and gone by so fast that it seems impossible that you have been around for half a year already.  You just fell right into place in our family and our way of life.  Rory, we love you so much.  We love your snuggles, open mouth face plant kisses and even your hair pulling- it just means you are excited.



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