In December, we got a tree…013 020 021

A five year old built a volcano, pretty much all by himself.  He also got the honors of erupting it…

IMG_0251 IMG_0246 003 002

We spent a beautiful day at the beach, another day at Snoqualmie Falls and rode our bikes…

IMG_0111 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0100 IMG_0099 IMG_0096 IMG_0093 IMG_0090 021 018 015 012

IMG_0032 IMG_0033

We went to the Nutcracker, James and the Giant Peach, Oliver and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens…

IMG_0320 IMG_0317 IMG_0259 IMG_0274 011 009

This guy grew, spent a lot of time in his pillow fort and tried a little bit of solid food…

IMG_0264 IMG_0219 IMG_0128 IMG_0068 IMG_0058 IMG_0038 IMG_0025

We sported new accessories…

IMG_0222 IMG_0220

We read and played and had fun.

IMG_0368 IMG_0338 IMG_0332 IMG_0330 IMG_0176


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