look who’s crawling


Today you turned eight months old.  It has been a very big month- your first plane ride, your first full month of eating, your first trip to Hawaii and your first days of mobility.  You think you are pretty big stuff, in one day you went from crawling to pulling yourself and now… well, I find you under the table, under the piano and all over the place.



You like bananas and blowing raspberries.  You really really like to blow raspberries.  You really really like to blow slobbery raspberries.

You like to clap.  If someone says “Yeah Rory” you clap, if someone says “clap, clap, clap” you clap- you are very excited about this talent.  For your next act, Grandma is teaching you to blow kisses.

You spent this month pretty snotty.  I am glad that this is over.

You have yet to give yourself a schedule.  Sometimes you sleep a half hour, an hour, sometimes two- we can just never tell.  Even at night, sometimes you just decide to wake up and be awake at 3 am- to either fill your diaper(???) or discover that my pajama top as buttons (ohhh, buttons…) or just want to blow raspberries.

You love your brothers.  You love that they splash you (you love water) and poke you with things.  This makes you giggle like no one can get you to giggle.  Look at you guys.  Wow.  I really really love you guys.


408 407 406 405 391

Happy 8 months Rory!  We love you.


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