027My sweet Benny, today you turned four.  We celebrated with a Super “Goal” party.  There were snacks and candy and cake.  You were pretty happy with that.  We had birthday pancakes (with whipped cream, syrup, strawberries, bacon AND sausage), birthday green pasta and cake with strawberry frosting.  Everything was just as you wanted, except for the fact that there was frosting between the layers of cake, you just wanted sliced strawberries (sorry…).

Benny, you love to play games.  All day, every day, “do you want to play a game with me?”  How can you say no to that?  You got a couple new ones for your birthday, we have already played them all.  You like to be on an adults team and you get this funny grin and fist pump action when you win.

We had a big year, and you, well, you don’t like change.  You like your routine.  You really did go with the flow with the moving and the packing and the remodeling and the new baby.  You really did.  But… you do like things to go your way.  If they do not go that way, well, you have a decibel that I think could probably shatter glass.  “HENNNNNNNNRYYYYY!!”  Is what I heard all summer.  You want Henry to wait, to stop doing what he is doing, do things your way, but mostly you want him to wait for you.  We have to remind you not to shout and to not expect Henry to do everything for you.  You will learn this, I am sure of it.  We are also sure that you will stop shouting demands at people and learn to ask nicely.  Just this evening you asked me for “some water please.”  That was so polite, please keep doing it that way.

You have forced me to learn patience I never thought I had.  You have taught me to relax about things that really don’t matter.  You have made me want to just hide.  I love you for all these things.  You make me a better Mama.  You are so different from your brothers, and I love that.  You are Benny and we love you.

You love to ride your bike.  Except when it is uphill and when you have to walk it back up the driveway.  Your legs go so fast I can’t believe your bike keeps up.  You are a daredevil.  You have mastered going down the driveway with no feet on the pedals, eyes closed and you stop just at the end of the driveway (to look for cars).  It really is hilarious to watch (and nerve racking for those who have not witnessed your speed and antics before).

You love to climb trees.  A few months ago you and Henry were out playing.  I came out to check on you and you had climbed taller than the garage.  I just about fell over.  We now have a ribbon tied where you are allowed to go to.  You stick to this well.  Your Dada just built you a rope swing today.  Our secert hide out is going to be so fun this summer.  You and Henry and Dada have some big plans.


You never have socks on but complain that your feet are cold.

You are very concerned about bad guys.  You think they will come in the middle of the night and get you.  We have set various traps and we have plans in case this happens, thanks for preparing us.

You do not like the dark and require assistance in coming upstairs if everyone is downstairs and downstairs if everyone is upstairs.  Sometimes we can trick you, but usually not.

You love to color.  Your ability to stay in the lines is amazing.  Your penmanship is astounding to me and your drawings skills are awesome.  I hope to nurture this in you, I don’t have what you have, so I hope we can keep this alive.  You are so content with your markers and a book.  With this is also the fact that you draw on everything, and I mean everything.  You ask almost daily to do “art class.”

You are an extremely picky eater.  I remember your brother being the same way when he was four.  You just are more strong willed.  Somedays I think you may only eat breakfast and a snack of cheese.

You love your brothers.  You hover over Rory like he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.  You are a bit rough with him sometimes, just mainly because you want to play that way and you forget that he is little.  You are very cautious of what Rory can play with.  You ask me if he can play with things he finds and you are very concerned when he heads for an electrical outlet.  You want to do everything Henry is doing and more.  If he is helping, you want to help.  If Henry is doing school work, you want to do something as well (i.e. get Mama’s attention when she is trying to do something else, well played child, well played).

You love playing little Legos with Dada and Henry.

You love your finding books and your mazes.

You love to read.  We have started reading chapter books but you are not quite into them.  We do like reading the Boxcar books mainly because the two boys are named Henry and Benny.

You have worker pants and comfy, warm pants- they are not the same and are required for different situations.

You can officially buckle yourself into your car seat.  We worked on this for a long time, we were stuck on two clicks for a long time.

You are so dramatic.  A bit of a diva and 100% Bennett.  You have been this way since day one.  You are our Benny.  You are head down, heavy breathing, don’t touch me (talk to me or talk about me), tantrum throwing Bennett.  You make things interesting.

You can be so sweet it makes me cry.  This morning you were so upset because there wasn’t a present for me (I may have said something along the lines of I can’t believe there wasn’t something for me since I did all the work four years ago…. but you caught on to that, and wanted there to be something for me).  You are a sweet boy.


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