snow and a dimple


Saturday night, after it got dark, it started to snow.  We were busy finishing up movie night nachoes, frosting cupcakes for the next mornings birthday hike and packing up our other snacks.  Well, fast forward a few hours to the next morning, it was beautiful, but, we didn’t want our friends and family to have to travel on the ice for our birthday fun.  So we cancelled.  Some of us had cupcakes for breakfast, others for a snack and some of us had them on both occasions.  We played in the snow.  We threw snow balls, built snow forts, tried to build a snow man, got pulled on the inner tube by Dada and ate snow.  We ran around, rode our bikes in the snow and came inside to cocoa, made by Grandma.  It was a good day.  To top it off, Bapa and Dada got the second garage door opener installed and Mama’s van now has a cozy home in the garage- yeah guys!  We finished off the day with an early birthday celebration for Bapa as he leaves tomorrow and will not be around us on his actual birthday.  Happy Birthday Bapa, we love you!

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It was a good day.

Oh, and this kid, did you know he has a dimple?



One thought on “snow and a dimple

  1. Your house looks beautiful. I know you will have many, many years of building snow forts, climbing trees, etc. And that little guy with a dimple. How sweet. Aunt Grace has dimples, and they are beautiful. Mamie

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