Last week you turned six years old.  We had chocolate cake with orange frosting with a raspberry on every slice- per your request.  You are a boy that knows what he wants.

You are a boy who only wears socks that are way too small, pants that are too short (or rolled too short) and shirts that are too small.  Otherwise they just don’t feel good.

You are a boy who loves sweater vests, your explorer vest and your brown slip-ons. 

You are a a boy who loves his green “explorer” coat. 

You are a boy who loves being outside.  You are happiest when you are on your bike, swinging from your new rope swing or exploring.  You are also very fond of the back of Bapa’s truck and your secret hideout.

You are a boy who loves to be helpful.  You want to be helpful in your own way, which is not always being helpful, but you try nonetheless.  You were helping Bapa out in the yard a few weeks ago and I found you on the roof of the shed.  You were clearing off debris- so that was helpful.  Setting the table is usually not in the helpful category (so I am told).

You are a boy who goes with the flow and is so patient when Mama is constantly saying, “in a minute” and “let me finish this one thing” or ” one I get Rory down for a nap we can do that.”  Thank you for that.  You make my guilt a little less.

You are a boy who loves projects.  Usually special projects with just one adult.


You love being spoiled by your Great-Aunts and Grandparents.  You get taken out to eat WAAAAY too often, you get sleepovers and adventures galore.  You are incredibly lucky and you don’t even know it. 

You are a boy who I have had the priviledge of being able to spend my days with learning.  You have always impressed me with your curiousity for learning.  We started homeschooling this year, and, although we had a rocky start, I am confident that we made the right choice for our family.  We are all enjoying our time together.  We get to build and explode volcanoes together, have scavenger hunts and write stories about colored dirt.  Some days are easier than others, but we have been working out what flows best and I see things only going smoother as the year progresses.  You are starting to read but you get frustrated easily.  But we have victories too, last week we were writing thank you cards and for the first time you didn’t ask me how to spell words, you were sounding them out yourself.  I am sure the astronauts in space could see this Mama beaming.  I am so proud of you kiddo.

You are a boy who loves swim lessons and soccer.  You are getting to be quite a fish and your soccer skills have improved since the fall.  You have the cutest little skippy hop thing you do before you kick the ball.  I just love watching it.

You are a boy who just started piano and have been playing “Hot Cross Buns” repeatedily.  Which reminds me, we need to practice tomorrow.

You are a boy who also just started a new nature class at our new homeschool co-op.  You have a great time and Mama gets to know more Mama’s doing the same thing.  It is a win win for us all- Rory even gets to find and eat stray bits of paper off the floor.  Everyone is happy.

You are a boy who still reaches for my hand when we are walking somewhere and stills wants to get in my lap to read a book.

You are a boy who amazes me everyday. 

You are a boy who loves his added freedom at our new house.  You can take things to the mailbox, get the paper, take things to the neighbors BY YOURSELF.  Things that would have not been able to happen at our old house.  Again, you love being helpful.

You are a boy who loves reading.  And science.  You really like science.

You are a boy who loves his brothers, even when they annoy you.

You are a boy who loves little Legos.


You are our boy and we love you so much.  Six years ago you made your Dada and I parents.  We are constantly in awe of the three of you.  You have made our hearts ache with happiness, our hairs gray, and our nerves rattled- but none of it would we change.  We can’t wait to see what this year brings.  Whenever I get sad to think of how fast time has gone since you were Rory’s age, I just have to sit and look at you and realize that we are at a different phase, but it is amazing too.  We get to watch you become a boy, watch you learn new things everyday and watch you leap off tree stumps in exploration.  We so are lucky to be able to be your parents.  Happy Birthday Kiddo! 


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