9 Months Old

007 011 012To My Sweet Boy,

Rory you are now nine months old.  This last month has been full of new things.  New food, new movements, new corners of the house.  So much is happening! 

You go everywhere.  We installed the baby gate on the stairs over the weekend.  We have to keep doors shut and cabinets locked.  Stools have been relocated and small objects are constantly being confiscated (how this is possible is beyond me, didn’t I already go through all this stuff?).  Plants have been put up high and shoes are kept in the garage.  And paper, well, you find this all the time, it rips so nicely and tastes so good.  It is a flippin’ holiday when a pantry door gets left open- have you seen the stuff in there?  Have you given it a shake lately?  It is pretty awesome stuff- try slobbing it, it is nice.

026 024 023

You have been a champ at trying new foods.  Risotto, soup, noodles you try it all, you have only really not enjoyed broccoli, although it was fun to hold on to.  Your favorite seems to be bananas with yogurt.  You have become quite a pincher, but when something is extra slippery you do just fold in half and put your face on your tray to just pick up the food with your mouth.  Very smart, forget the middle man (your hands) and just cut to the chase- right?

This evening you started shaking your head no.  I can’t tell if it was an intentional, “no thank you I would not like any more sweet potatoes,” or if it was just a movement.  We will know soon enough.

You say Mama and do the sign for milk.  You also do a sign for all done, but it is not the one we have been teaching you.  You weren’t saying Dada, but then you did, just as I was saying you didn’t do it yet.

You smile all the time.  Seriously, you always have a grin for us.  We love that.


You have a maraca that you love.  It only sometimes gags you.

You pull yourself up onto everything and you have started to let go (and not fall!).

You still constantly blow raspberries.  I am going to miss them when you stop (unless, as Bapa pointed out, you are still doing this into your teenage years, then we will really need you to stop).


You love everyone in this house, but you especially get along with Bapa.  It may be because he is the only one that will let you repeatedly hit him in the head.  The rest of us get out of the way.  Or… it could be because he is pretty cool.  I am pretty sure that Grandma gets the biggest morning grin as well.  I can’t complain, I get them in the middle of the night.

Speaking of, you are not the greatest sleeper at night.  I am veteran enough to know that this will pass and not to fret about it, but we could do without the waking up on the middle of the night and wanting to play.  A few weekends ago it was a full moon and we were joking that you were a werewolf as you were just playing and blowing raspberries at the moon.  Turns out, it may have been Mama that was the true werewolf that night, I got a bit frustrated and just wanted sleep, I may have been a bit short with you and Dada.  All was forgiven in the morning- who can resist a dimpley grin and slob shower first thing in the morning?

You now have four teeth, four very sharp teeth.


Your brothers love you and are the best protectors of you (seriously, how lucky are you, just look at you guys).  Henry is the best human fence if you ever need one and Bennett can pick you up and plop you just about anywhere, even if it is unnecessary.  They are the first ones to run upstairs when they hear you awake after a nap, I then get to hear, “Mama, Rory’s awake” through the monitor.  It is quite a sight to walk into your room and have three boys in the crib.

I love our snuggles.  I have tweaked my neck so many times since you were born just from the fact that I am constantly staring at you when you sleep in my arms.  I can’t help it.  I wish my neck understood what it is like, I will continue to stare and then will be unable to move in other ways, but it is soo worth it.

Kiddo, to say it is hard to believe you are nine months old would be an understatement.  Knowing how fast this goes by has helped, has made me appreciate every moment, realize that every undesirable moment will only last but an instant.  I am reminded every day what a joy you are and how I could not imagine spending my day in better company.  With that I must say Happy Nine Months!  I will see you in a few minutes when you wake up- it is almost ten o’clock- time for wake up number one…


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