january & february

Besides spending time in Hawaii, we did a few other things…

003 013 057

Our mail collectors… IMG_0567 IMG_0571

And in February, or Birthday Month!, we did a few things as well…


Dada spotted bald eagles in the neighbors trees- so cool! 013

Our “Super Goal” Party… 021 048

Best thing of the month- our rope swing Dada made us! 010 012 015 021

Monkeys! 023 026

Making our attribute poster: 027 062 002 026

Two boys were at a sleepover and we decided to finish painting the family room… 001

Race Track… 006 010

Flying Painter Man… 013

His dream house- it is on stilts… 002 005 007

My cookie baking assistant, Froggy Fox… 011 013

Sleepy baby at Great Bapa’s… IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0578

Bapa was in charge and I came across this… IMG_0580 IMG_0582

This goofball- now four years old… IMG_0598 IMG_0624 IMG_0625

My absolute favorite six year old- we went to get raspberries for his cake and stopped for coffee and cocoa… IMG_0631 IMG_0635 IMG_0639 IMG_0649

At the end of the day… IMG_0654 IMG_0667



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