last week



Someone was not that into painting outside… napping in the car is sooo much better… 811

Last week started out great- sunny weather, playing with friends, playing in the ditch and playing in the mud, mud, mud, mud, mud.  And then Wednesday night happened and Mama came down with the stomach bug that plagued the two older boys earlier in the month.  Ugh.  Then Dada got it.  Ugh.

So, we did have sunshine and mud playing.  Thankfully Dada and Grandma were around to entertain boys while Mama suffered in bed.  We are on the mend.  Tummies are a bit sensitive still, but we have recovered.

This weekend rooms were organized (how have they grown out of things already?!) and our festivities for Saint Patrick’s Day have been organized.  A bossy six year old has given instructions to get dressed right away in our green.  I’d better go find something…

We were able to celebrate Pi Day, a day late, but when is there not a good time for pie?


Also last week, this happened… yup…



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