ten months



Last weekend you turned ten months old.  You celebrated with raspberries (the blowing kind, not fruit).  They are your favorite thing to do.  You blow them at Mama and Dada, you blow them at strangers.  If we are lucky, there is usually a pretty good spray that accompanies these raspberries.  I really don’t mind, but I do have to clean off my glasses pretty regularly.


You, my boy, have had an unfair number of colds.  Just this month you have had 2 with a bout of stomach flu thrown in for good measure.  I have tried to keep germs at a minimum, when people are sick, we avoid the area, but I am really really going to have to up my standards.  Sick babys are miserable.  I am sorry.

You can now sign “all done” and say Mamamamama.  We thought that maybe Mamamama was for everything, but no, it is just for me.  You say it when you are tired, when you want milk or when you see me.  Ahhhh, my first babe to say Mama before Dada- thank you sweetheart (not that there is anything wrong with Dada, but I put in a lot of work to make you, so, you know…).

788 IMG_0710

You cruise everywhere and when you are not paying attention can stand on your own and sit back down without falling over.  You will be walking before we know it.  You get into everything.  EVERYTHING!  Oh my, there are so many things on our floors.  I blame your brothers…  There are cords you find under chairs, crumbs under tables and the broom- let me tell you, that thing is awesome.  You have already broken two plates while investigating the dishwasher and tonight you managed to unhook the baby lock from the cabinet- yikes.  We have to keep doors closed, the pantry secured with rubber bands.  You can open drawers, lids and pretty much anything else you want very very quickly.  You dumped out every straw we had on the floor in a matter of seconds.  Seriously in the time it took me to get to you they were everywhere.  They were fun to throw, huh?

You started enjoying the stroller.  We haven’t used it much, but you think it is okay, as long as we are moving.  Last week we managed to roll over a thorn and got a flat tire and then the next day we broke the Ergo.  Yikes.  Repairs are in progress, but we have had to get creative in Rory carrying, especially with the above mentioned illness.

You hate diaper changes, but love bananas and toast.  You can almost eat a whole banana yourself.  You also say bananananana when you want banana.  You also hate getting dressed and have gotten pretty good at taking off your slippers (yes, the ones they aren’t supposed to be able to get off…).  You like to play the piano and have gotten very dramatic when things are taken away from you (which, is pretty regularly, seriously, our house is not Rory friendly!).  You love those goof balls that are your brothers, they pick you up, push you down and scream in your face- you love 99 percent of it.  The smashing in the floor you could do without- the rest is giggle worthy.


You shake your head when we ask you questions, it is still undetermined if this is on purpose or if it is because you get a pretty good reaction from your fan club.  You are good with the evening snuggles, have been enjoying some books (the ones with cool things to touch) and are excellent at smearing food everywhere.  You are a joy as well as a bit exhausting right now- a great phase, we know you are a healthy growing boy and your curiousity is shining right now.  We love you more than we could express- we so enjoy watching you learn and grow.  Happy 10 months Rory!


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