on mother’s day

Mothers Day 2014The day started with some extra sleeping time in bed, then a tray with flowers from the yard, coffee and toast and, of course, cards made by my favorite boys.  My boys treated me right- after a relaxing morning, it was off to a Mother’s Day breakfast with family, a trip to Flower World with my wonderful Mom and sister, a trip to urgent care and a bbq brisket dinner prepared by Bapa and Dada.  Even with emergency doctor visits, the day was just what I asked for.

Bennett is okay, we were a bit worried about a red mark on his face that turned pussy over the day (he had been playing in the trees last night and was scraped up afterward, although he did not have the mark on his face when he went to bed).  After a dose of Benadryl and some polka dots drawn on his face we were sent home.  He was a sport about it, even if we left the house with him literally kicking and screaming (and without shoes, because, well, I remembered a snack…).

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There are so many things that I never understood until I because I mother myself.  Things that I found out don’t really matter, the things that really do matter, the joys of the simpliest things- I am forever grateful for the three boys that make me a mother.  I have the best gig being able to watch them grow, smile, play and be kids.  I will forever treasure this time of my life.  I can’t get over how fast it goes, how much fun it is and, of course, how exhausting it can be.  There are days where I just want to sit and pull my hair out, shout at the top of a hill and cry, but most days I get to teach my son, color with my other son, and snuggle another son to sleep.  Most days are awesome, just utterly and completely awesome.

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My sons have taught me to rope swing everyday, make smoothies whenever possible, read the same book over and over again, listen to the birds, look for bugs and that everything can be turned into a flying machine.  So tomorrow, we will plant flowers because my oldest asked when I put him to bed tonight, we will read books, we will play and learn and be together.  We will color and build legos, laugh and throw things.  My boys- thank you, thank you for making me realize what truly matters, how much love one person can hold on to, and what joy really is.

To my own mother, I love you and thank you for teaching me what it is like to be a mother.  To all the mother’s I know- Happy Mother’s Day.


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