our garden

We have always had a garden.  Some years it was just herbs in pots and a tomato plant.  One year we took out grass in our front yard and staked tomatoes in the middle of it.  Our one consistency is that we take out more lawn to add room for vegetables every year.  In fact, the summer before moving out of our last house we took out half the backyard and turned it into garden, then we moved and didn’t really get to enjoy it.  Hopefully the renters are enjoying it this year.

This year however, well, this year, we have a garden.  A HUGE garden…

We are all very excited about this inaugural garden season.  We have bags of seeds, cold frames jam-packed full of seedlings, and lots of plans.  First up was a fence, to keep out unwanted pests.  Mostly those cute little bunnies that are everywhere.  They are cute, but not when they are munching on your hard work.  Even before we got the fence done we planted some strawberry plants, next morning, all chewed down- luckily they have recovered (the strawberries, I am sure the bunnies are fine as well).

Here is the beginning phase:

IMG_0810 028


And today, before the camera battery died… raspberries doing great, kale started, peas & beans, and my excellent watering assistant.  He usually only gets a little soggy…

032 031 030 029

Hopefully I can keep track as the season progresses.  I have always kept garden notes, but this year, I thought it would be fun to see the changes in photos.  Week one- our garden.


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