this week in our garden

This week we were busy plowing, planting and working.  We have many helpers in the garden- they dig trenches, sprinkle seeds and water everything.  We were able to plant a few more rows of kale, radishes, spinach and chard.  We planted lettuce in some boxes and moved the squash family out of the cold frame and into their bed homes for the season.  We have a small pumpkin (or punkmin, as Bennett calls it) patch and have planted our cucumbers with great anticipation for a great pickle year.  The beans and peas are getting tall enough for their trellis!  Things are growing.  We will get the tomatoes and potatoes in this weekend.  We are still running into some pest problems- bunnies and something is eating the green beans, I can’t figure out what yet- but I hope they move on.025 027 028 034 036 037 041 042 043 044 046 047



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