this week in our garden

Everything is in!  Tomatoes and potatoes were added to the garden last weekend, a cover over the bug loved kale and slug slaughtering measures are in full effect.  Ahhh slugs!!!  We have also been watching and waiting for things to grow.  In addition to keeping slugs away from our tiny growing plants we have had to take more extreme measures with regard to bunnies.  They fit through the fence holes you see, so smaller fencing has been purchased and slowly added to the garden fortress.

I apparently have the new nickname of “Farm Master.”  I kind of like it, but there is a lot of pressure that goes with that.  I have such hopes for this garden and every visit when I find something eaten, grrr!  I know this gardening thing is really just a big experiment, we have never grown here before and it took me nine years to figure out the other garden… so I need to calm down, so, well, we are very hopeful over here and we hope things start growing (and the bunnies and slugs move on).

001 002 004 006 007 008


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