over the weekend

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It seems like since we moved here to Porcupine Knoll that every weekend is filled with to-do’s.  Not all bad, things we want to do, but tiring none the less.  Add a few children in the mix and the to-do’s sometimes get overwhelming due to the fact that things do not get done at the pace in which we prefer.  We are pretty good at going with the flow, realizing that things will get done.  One great thing about Chris and I is that when one is overwhelmed and having a hard time with the pace of things, the other can wrangle them back to reality.  It is rare when we are both having a hard time.

With that being said, we had a list of to-do’s that go on for pages, but on Saturday we changed our list of to-do’s.  We put strawberry picking, ice-cream and book finding at the top of our priority list.  We started at a neighborhood garage sale looking for Boxcar children books, then off to pick strawberries, then to an antique store that was closing (to look for treasures of course), and a quick stop for ice cream before we ended our day with dropping Henry off for a sleepover and then the rest of us went to dinner with friends where we dined al fresco and the children ran around in bathing suits.  It was the perfect day.  We had exhausted children, parents and a car full of books.  We were able to have great conversation while children entertained themselves with water and dirt.

We woke on Sunday with the same home to-do’s.  Chris finished siding the tree fort, I made jam, children got naps and played in the sprinkler.  It was also a good day, just in a different way.  We sit here tonight with tired feet, but with a successful weekend behind us.

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And my workout buddy this morning.  He joined me for a run, then he did a little bike riding.  Along the way we say two herons, ducks and ducklings and this beautiful butterfly.  B snuck up next to it and asked me to take a picture to show Dada.  We also stopped off for cocoa and coffee on our way back to the van- we had a great time.  He asked to do it again, but with everyone.  I think that can easily be arranged.

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