this week in our garden- july 1st

When one leaves for a week and returns, oh how things have changed!  Things are growing!   This week we harvested raspberries by the bowl full, spinach, chard, kale, bok choy, snap peas and radishes.   And look!  We have squash blossoms, and the tomatoes and doubled in size (thank you ferilizer and rain!) and the corn is nearly knee high.

This week was spent weeding (yes, those grew in abundance as well) during nap hours and planning for next year (oh the plans we have).  This garden is well loved, well thought and well watered (hello, sprinklers + boys = bliss).  I love that things are growing, that Bennett can fit forty raspberries in his hand and then stuff them into his mouth.  That the boys entertained themselves for at least fifteen minutes playing with snap peas (the peas were people the pods were buses- people were getting run over, picked up and chased) and that it came from just a little ways down from the house.  I look forward to the years we have here to get this gardening thing right.  Just where to plant things, what to plant and when.  It is a work in progress that we all so look forward to mastering.

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