san juan island

Today we got back from a Forth of July camping trip  An attempt to get away from fireworks for dear Flanders again failed, but we have anxiety medication now, so he weathered through alright.  We also exhausted him with swims and hikes and walks, these also exhausted his three human brothers.  We all slept through the fireworks.

We missed our first attempt at a ferry crossing, so we spent a few hours playing at the ferry terminal.  Nobody seemed to mind- we looked for snails, crabs, watched birds catch fish, saw otters and watched ferry’s go by.  Even the baby, with just one nap for the day was on his best behavior.  We did make it across to San Juan Island, checked into our campsite and set up camp.  The boys were a little bit more than excited to say the least…

001 002 003 004

And a recap from our time away.  Rory had three favorite pastimes- walk around the van, walk over the speed bump and check to see what Flanders is doing.

013 020 022 039 042

We took trips to San Juan Island Historical National Park- both the American and English Camps.  The boys became Jr. Rangers and one six year old was very much excited about it.  We saw bald eagles, osprey, deer, ravens and a lot of shorebirds- include an oystercatcher which was pretty neat.

023 027 028 095 097 100 102 105

We hung out near our campsite and tie-dyed shirts, rented a paddleboat and swam in the lake.  Mama was the only one not in and she very much wished the weather was a bit warmer!  We ate smores.  We discovered one boy prefers his marshmallows unroasted while another boy prefers his charred.

031 032 036 044 050 052 058 060 061 062 066 068 075 076 081 083

We explored around Lime Klin State Park, which is the number one place to see orca whales in the world.  We didn’t see anyway, but there was a sighting reported about an hour before we got there.  We hiked down to Dead Man’s Bay and we threw rocks into the water.

113 118 125 154 168

We went into Friday Harbor and posed by this thing… went to the Whale Museum and ate lunch (at the same restaurant as a local meteorologist no less).


We headed home today early, made the first ferry and enjoyed the sunshine at home today.  It was a good trip.  It was exhausting, we had sour moments and really happy moments.  I hope the boys remember the latter.  I love being with these four people,  They really are my favorite.

186 193


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