when at first you don’t suceed, try, try again

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Today we had the boys do a treasure hunt that we had set up last night.  The point was to practice using a compass (which backfired since Henry already knew all the direction points of the house, so he didn’t even use it…).  Anyway… the boys had a blast.  They wanted to do one outside which we hadn’t done because we heard rain was in the forecast.  Well, no rain, so I sent them outside to set up a treasure hunt for me.  I gave instructions of writing which direction and how many steps to take in each direction to find the “treasure.”  I was greeted, with, “that is the way you did it, but we are going to do it our way.”

Um, okay.

So we played a game of follow the boys and they would tell me if I was hot or cold, or which tree branch to look behind.  I was a bit frustrated because they were not understanding the point of the treasure hunt, but they were really into it so I had to let it go.  Then, things went sour.  Bennett mistakenly told me what the next treasure was.  That was the end of the treasure hunt.  There was stomping, un-burying of  other treasure, arms crossing and running back inside.  Poor Bennett, he really had no idea what happened  But just like that the fun was over.   O-V-E-R!

After some calming words and time I was able to convince the boys that perhaps a team treasure hunt- Mama and Bennett vs. Dada and Henry could take place this weekend.  That was welcomed with much enthusiasm- arms were uncrossed and furrowed brows turned to grins.  So… this weekend will be the treasure hunt championship at Porcupine Knoll.  We are all very excited.


One thought on “when at first you don’t suceed, try, try again

  1. Whew, nice save! I think I might be able to take credit for the hot/cold technique of finding stuff. We use that for our lego adventures when we’re looking for bad guys.

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