birch bay

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We headed out for our first camping trip of the summer- we had great weather and the boys had a great time.  We missed a beautiful sunset, got to play at the beach, poked sticks at each other, got sap stuck to almost everything, read books, learned about digging for clams, counted footsteps to the water during low and high tide, went for a small hike, got attacked by flies and almost broke the tent multiple times.  I am not going to lie, the parental units were exhausted- getting Rory asleep in the tent was no small feat and trying to keep them from not getting hurt or eating dirt was a constant job.  But at the end of the weekend we had a seven year old who got to practice using a utility knife for the first time (after much persistence on his part), our Benny was in his element at the beach, Rory was just as goofy as ever- boys who were happy, exhausted and covered in dirt.  We also go to pick berries, eat at one of Dada’s favorite breweries and take in the scenery of Chuckanut Drive.  Chris and I were able to spot other places we would like to take our tribe of yahoos and discuss how, hopefully, someday, we could be pulling a trailer behind our van.  All in all, an exhausting trip, but we must enjoy it as we are packing up tonight and heading out again tomorrow for our annual “Keep Flanders as Far Away From Fireworks as Possible” trip.  We are armed with new anxiety medication and plan of attack- wish us luck.


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