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We started our almost full fall schedule this week- one more Henry activity next week and we will be in full swing.   Mondays are co-op, soccer for Henry and swimming for Bennett- it was a long day.  It was great to see friends we haven’t seen over the summer and the boys were excited about their classes.  Our little Bennett has really become more comfortable in new surroundings, we are not reduced to tears and silence when around other children or people.  It has been a huge transformation.  It is fun watching him enjoy himself and not overcome with anxiety.  He swam two lengths of the pool this week and just jumped in the pool with a new teacher without tears!

School did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped this week.  I had a lot of “I love school work,” and “I hate school work.”  Practically in the same breath.  It got the best of me this week, but Thursday we recovered and had an enjoyable day (minus Bennett running and screaming inside, only to find out that he had bees in his shirt.  7 of them!  Luckily he only got stung once, but it took awhile for us all to recover).

Most of this weeks pictures are by Henry.  We have been discussing nomads and how the earliest people lived.   We went on our own foraging walk and all decided we would have been really hungry nomads.  Henry made us pine needle tea, something he had learned about in nature class and we made cave drawings.  I guess when I look back at it, we did have some smoother moments than I thought…


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